Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jameson – Suilven007 (2004)

Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jameson

CDr Suilven Recordings SUILVEN007 (UK, 2004)

01. Dunstanburgh Castle
02. The Sun Rises
03. Death on the Ridge Road
04. Sutherland County

Beano Jameson – synths, melodies
Daniel Patrick Quinn – violin, cello, bass, trumpet, synths, percussion, autoharp, arrangements
Recorded in Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Absolutely beautiful music from the quality Suilven label. The first track on here, ‘Dunstanburgh Castle’, is a solo Quinn composition that wax and wanes as it drifts along on a simple beat with mournful violins entwining with softly breaking waves of synth. This, along with the other collaborative pieces ‘The Sun Rises’, ‘Death On The Ridge Road’ and ‘ Sutherland County’ are all exquisite instrumentals that draw you in to discover various textures and patterns that weave in and out of the undulating rhythms. At points the music can become almost hypnotic and drone like as is the case with ‘The Sun Rises’ that has me in mind of floating on gentle waves in a small boat with swirls of mist enveloping me. Soundscapes that will take you on the most beautiful of journeys to the most remote places and make you imagine colours you never knew existed, gently stunning. (Vanity Project)

The latest release from Suilven sees Daniel Patrick Quinn team up with the improbably named Beano Jameson on three tracks and sees Quinn preview a new solo track too. ‘Dunstanburgh Castle’ sees Quinn’s honorary membership of the National Trust for raising awareness of local monuments safely renewed again. Just a touch over five minutes of waxing and waning melodies and the signature violin sound which ,made ‘Severed from the Land’ so memorable.
In truth it’s hard to tell what additional aspect Jameson brings to this recording. That said, the three tracks are immensely tranquil pieces, almost womb-like and soothing to the ear with a heart beat percussion track laid all the way through ‘Death on the Ridge Road’. This is not music which will make you sit up and take notice but is infinitely enjoyable to listen to while enjoying a nice hot bath. Pass the Radox.
(Shane Blanchard, Tasty)

Sur le méconnu et un peu oublié label Suilven Recordings (quand votre navigateur favori n’a plus de page à afficher – essayez de taper http://www.suilvenrecordings.com pour voir – c’est que même dans le monde virtuel vous n’existez plus). Daniel Patrick Quinn m’a toujours évoqué le psychédélisme d’un Robert Wyatt, même si ce sera moins évident sur ce maxi purement instrumental qu’on qualifiera par défaut d’ambient pastoral. La langue française a-t-elle un équivalent qui sonne aussi bien que le mot soundscapes?

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