Magina – Nazca Lines (Ruralfaune, 2010)

Nazca Lines

CDr3′ Ruralfaune Synth series rur091 SYNTH012 (France, 02-2010)
limited 40 – non-portuguese edition

01. She’s Behind Me
02. Heads Across the Sky
03. The Love There That’s Sleeping

Unique digital capsule of melodic memorabilia on keyboards. Obsolete and old-fashioned technology to create a retro-futuristic voyage. (Ruralfaune)

An attractive 3″ disc of synth instros by Portugal’s Pedro Magina. Maybe it’s the ’80s sounds of the instruments, which are overloaded into fuzz at times, but there’s a feel of the era after prog rock had exited stage left, when some players were still making expansive instrumental music. There’s something cinematic about it too. I can’t help but wonder if the piece called Hands Across The Sky is titled in homage to Paul McCartney’s Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey… I’d like to think so! (JC, Boa Melody Bar)

The Rural Faune label’s new Synth Series is dedicated to « Peace and innermind travels », expanding on this notion by describing its sound as « Cosmic variations, synth age explorations, astral travels and soft trances ». Portuguese artist Pedro Magina certainly grabs such ideas with both hands, and over the course of an all-too fleeting seventeen minutes he sets about designing a strange, melodious synthscape that perfectly channels the spirit of the early digital boom of the 1980s. The recordings are flawed and prone to distorting here and there, and this is very much a DIY affair, but Nazca Lines perfectly embodies the spirit of envisaging the landscape of the future from a paradoxically nostalgia-entrenched vantage point. There are three great synth pieces on this disc, the finest of which is the imperious ‘The Love There That’s Sleeping’, which manages to evoke Vangelis and Angelo Badalamenti in all the right ways. (Boomkat)

Encore un de ces trucs sortis en tirage super-limité sur des micro-labels à la distribution hasardeuse et de toute façon épuisés avant même qu’on apprenne leur existence. Un de ces jours, Emeralds fera la couv’ des Inrocks et on se lassera de tout ce revival neo-planant, mais d’ici là cette petite capsule est tout à fait agréable…
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