Pablo Reche – Conexión (Con-V, 2009)

Pablo Reche
Conexión EP

CDr3′ Con-V CNV R19 (Spain, 01-2009)

01. Nuez
02. Camp
03. Golu
04. Mmic
05. Conx

Composed and produced by Pablo Reche
Recorded in Quilmes, 2008

Con-v is proud to present the brand new work by argentinean noise master Pablo Reche, again in short format.
Reche is well known because his performances around the world and releases on labels as fukkgod, con-v, the locus of or testing ground. ‘Conexión’ show us a less dark Reche but stronger and energetic as never before; his pictures of the city are still there but this time from the perspective of the machine; his classical extreme use of noise is now more controlled maybe less emotional, more rational. maybe his strongest work to date and a new step on his excellent discography.

So far the work of Pablo Reche has extended mostly in the areas of noise music. Loud but always with a sense of field recordings. Here on his new 3″CDR ‘Conexion’ it seems that he makes a better balance between the noise and the sources, in this case field recordings. The noise still there, but its pushed back in favor of the fields. In ‘Camp’ the line hum of a broken cable is the source, and on top Ikeda/Alva Noto like signals make interferences. In ‘Golu’ things are turned down with static hiss being processed to a lower point. Mechanical, motorized objects seem to have his strong interest as shown in these tracks, but it seems to me, even when I don’t picture his entire discography in front of me right away, the balance between the pure noise elements and making things more musical prevails here, and it marks, I think a big step ahead. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Sur cet exigeant et toujours passionnant micro-label, 16 minutes d’électronique abrasive pour nettoyer les oreilles, qui rappelleront les riches heures de chez Mego.

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