Screech Owls – Desert Songs & Dirty Pictures (Boa, 1997)

Screech Owls
Desert Songs & Dirty Pictures

CD Boa Records Hiss 11 (UK, 1997)

01. Desert
02. P.F.R. (Raindance Mix)
03. Dirty Pictures
04. Ghost

Debbie Skhow aka Debbie Schow formed Kid Sisters with Dik Evans aka Richard G. Evans formely of The Hype and The Virgin Prunes, Dublin drummer Johnnie Bonnie joined them, as did a smattering of bassists. Schow and Evans changed lineups and names to The Screech Owls, moved from Dublin, Ireland to London, England where they met Martyn Baker, bassist, multi-instrumentalist.
Desert was issued, by Deb on her own Girl Records. with the other’s blessings, good will and advice. Surprise, Rough Trade heard it and picked it up, bless ’em and supported the band and new label. UK press NME, Melody Maker, Sounds, Billboard reviews and featured followed with various writers, D.J.’s, musicians and others lending their kind words and support.
Along the way Deb and various and quite wonderful string, brass, classical, jazz, Irish and rock musicians. Screech Owls and honorary owls played a variety of gigs, support to Tindersticks at London’s Contemporary Art Institute, Palace Brothers, Giant Sand, among their faves.. Desert.

Features the classic dustbowl tale of isolation ‘Desert’ along with Patti Smith meets Townes Van Zandt -style acoustic songs and an electronic re-working of ‘Pray For Rain’. (Boa Melody Bar)

Si le premier titre marque effectivement la rencontre de Patti Smith et Townes Van Zandt, si le second se fait remixer par une drum ‘n’ bass douce telle qu’on la pratiquait chez Darla à l’époque, la fin du maxi retrouve enfin ses racines folk irlandaises. Savoir d’où on vient pour savoir où on va (façon de dire que oui, il est plutôt sympa ce disque).

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Un commentaire pour Screech Owls – Desert Songs & Dirty Pictures (Boa, 1997)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    Last copies still available at the Boa Melody Bar (cheap price, no cheap music)

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