Gregory Büttner – Every (1000füssler, 2006)

Gregory Büttner

CDr3′ 1000füssler 1000füssler 006 (Germany, 2006)

01. Every 1
02. Every 2
03. Every 3

This disc utilises only the voice as a sound source.
Thanks to Peggy for her voice.

‘Every‘ is the second contribution of Gregory Büttner for the 3″-cd-series on 1000füssler. The human voice was exclusivly used as source material, though taken in parts and only in the epilogue recognizable as voice.
Abstract minimalism between sawing sounds and whirring from far away.

Büttner is a multimedia artist from Hamburg who specializes in audiovisuals and is also the founder of this stimulating label, whose 3-inch CD series presents works by people on the fringes of electronica and acousmatics. « Every » was created by radically altering and manipulating the voice of Peggy – a friend of the composer – who was singing Depeche Mode’s « Everything counts », of all things. Apart from a short segment at the end of the record, you could never guess that the ethereal evolutions and amorphous parabolas heard in this piece derive from vocal origins; this mysterious enigma is a hide-and-seek game behind the corners of silence, where focused waves of perplexing frequencies introduce us to parallel galaxies of dazzling alienation. Very well made and totally pleasing. (Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes)

Et voilà une façon complètement différente d’utiliser la voix humaine. Chez U.S. Saucer on ne peut pas passer à côté (pour le meilleur ou pour le pire, je vous laisse choisir), ici on attendra les dernières minutes comme une révélation.

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