Kago – Piimaš (Õunaviks, 2003)


CDr Õunaviks õv01 (Estonia, 2003)

01. Surnud Sõbrale
02. Intro
03. Pessimist Piibuga
04. Katie Roubideaux’ Silmad
05. Silmad
06. Kurb Punk
07. Harold Ja Maude
08. Ma Surin Sõja Esimene Sygis
09. Jerry Blake
10. Salaja Halb
11. Krõõpide Armee
12. Vilex
13. Lill On Iga Inimene
14. Kyll Süda Teab
15. Lumesattu Vaadates
16. Rongiga New Orleansi
17. Meelika
18. Korra Oli Kuu
19. Hoopis Teisiti
20. Pubikass
21. Kampel
22. Hobune Kadunud
23. Itk Isale
24. Vikerkaar
25. Karula Allee
26. Kohtumine

Kago was the second level travelling character from Kurt Vonnegut’s Book « Breakfast Of Champions ». Kago’s music shares some absurdly psychedelic sadness and empathy with Vonnegut’s novels and Brautigan’s poetry. It also means « travelling chair » in older japanese. Every piece of music is a travelling in a way. The only member of Kago, Lauri Sommer (from Viljandi,Tartu and Sänna, Estonia) is more known as a poet and literary scholar. As a musician he began somewhere in beginning of 90s and has played punk, folk, indie, made dadaistic electro, sang in church choir and learned something about English folk songs. In the new millennium he has joined the world’s only seto male choir Liinats’uraq to perform ecstatic and old music with quite a weird harmonies. Kago has existed since the spring of 2000 and began as a arythmic cartoon electro project to create more friendly and personal atmosphere in Kago’s far too urban flat in Tartu. After moving to his childhood town, Viljandi, music took more pastoral and mixed twists. Piano instrumentals, accoustic material, which was sometimes treated electronically, folk songs, childish instrumentals etc formed the best part of Kago’s 2003 debut « Piimash » (world with no literal meaning, found while looking at the partly hidden of milk-chocolate’s (piimashokolaad) cover). (Õunaviks)

Released for Ounaviks, a Kohvi Records sub label, Kago’s PIIMAS is something you couldn’t expect to listen to. I mean, it’s the first time I listen to a folkish record with electronic and punk moments. Lauri Sommer created a strange and personal project by melting together really different styles of music. The 26 tracks of the album are a surprise, because you can’t imagine what’s next. You can find acoustic guitar based songs (which sometimes are treated electronically), choirs sung in Estonian (I suppose), deranged acoustic punk songs and tracks based on Vonnegut´s novels and Brautigan´s poetry where the piano or the guitar create the background. Being particular and really various the album is safe from dullness and if you are into lo-fi music and you appreciate creativity without being afraid of home recording experiments, try this one. (Noisebrigade)

Cap au Nord, où on trouve de drôles de choses: du folk lo-fi, des pièces instrumentales que ne renierait pas le Jim O’Rourke de Bad Timing, des jolies comptines au piano, une inspiration cinéphile et quelques énervements punks, le tout dans la langue locale. Õunaviks propose également un autre album de Kago en téléchargement gratuit.

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