v/a – From Bedrooms and Basements to the World (Microindie, 2004)

Various Artists
From Bedrooms and Basements to the World

CDr Microindie Records (USA, 2004)

01. John Peel – 1939-2004 You Are Missed Already
02. Bearsuit – Itsuko Got Married
03. The Universe – Goodbye
04. The Icicles – I Wanna Know
05. Sekiden – All Ordinaries
06. The Flower Machine – In the Glow
07. Sodastream – Blinky
08. The Steinbecks – Mens Suit Hire

A few words from Microindie Records:
Microindie Records comes from the same basement that brought you Drive-In Records, Quiddity Records and microindie mailorder.
The microindie story starts with Drive-In Records and before that, Quiddity Records. I am the owner Mike and I’ve been a music fan since birth I imagine. In true High Fidelity style I’ll give you a list of my top 5 favorite bands not necessarily in order: the Sugargliders, the Boo Radleys, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Carpenters. I didn’t include Quiddity, Drive-In or microindie bands but it would be safe to say that all of them could be included in a list of my favorites. As a music fan I found myself doing the things music fans do, attending shows, hosting a weekly radio show, hanging out at record stores, chatting with friends on the beginning indie communities of the internet. One thing I had never done was write a letter to a band. When I first heard the Sugargliders I was prompted to write the first letter and was completely amazed when I got a letter back a few weeks later. I’ll avoid embarrassing them here by gushing about the band but this letter lead to more letters and friendships with several Australians including Andrew and Bart from the Cat’s Miaow
(The rest of the story is here.)

Parce que trois minutes des Steinbecks vaudront toujours mieux que l’intégrale du catalogue Trente Oiseaux (je vais me faire tuer, là?).

Visit Microindie
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