AGF – DelayONmyPILLOW (Stichting Mixer, 2004)


CD3′ Stichting Mixer mxmcd3 (Netherlands, 05-2004)

01. DelayONmyPILLOW

Piece by AGF 2002
Original recordings made in Tunesia 2001

Over the past few years AGF has been critically well acclaimed for her poetry-based music and soundworks. Sound and speech have melted into one unique entity. The delicacy and intimacy AGF displays in her work knows very little equals in todays electronic and digital musics. « delayOnmyPillow » is no exception and simply is a great piece. Stichting Mixer is very proud to release this excellent work of integration of the human touch in the clinical digital domain of sound. (Stichting Mixer)

Whoever AGF is, and she’s a she, she has chosen her web address well. It is, and that’s exactly what she does. These aren’t poems in the traditional sense though, there’s no rhyme or meter here; neither are they what we have come to know as ‘tone poems’. Instead, the eighteen minutes of ‘delayONmyPILLOW’ are populated by seemingly random sounds (burps; the sound of people moving in echoic chambers; strange, disembodied voices) and occasional forays into broken beats and snatches of melody. The effect is entirely emotional though, in the same way that reading the war poetry of Sassoon or Owen is emotional; it’s not so much in what is said, or even how it is said, it’s in how it feels; it’s in the resonances that it sets up inside your soul. AGF’s world is a strange and mysterious place, and you wouldn’t want to visit it if you weren’t in complete control of your senses. Take a cautious plunge though and there are mysteries here as profound as the pyramids, and just as absorbing. (Gillian Nash, Logo Magazine)

Dans le prolongement de l’album de Bertuf, une pièce moins immédiatement séduisante, peut-être moins élégante en surface mais sans doute aussi plus intime.

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