Bertuf – A Random Nature (Wimm, 2004)

A Random Nature

CD Wimm Recordings WIMM01 (Japan, 07-2004)

1-1. Incendio
1-2. Un ou Plusieurs Fous
1-3. Plante
1-4. Avant Plan
1-5. Lose a Way out
2-1. Inorganic
2-2. Bubu
2-3. La Fin de Catherine
2-4. Frozen Frogs
2-5. Gone Like Flies
2-6. Meilleur Après
2-7. Les Vers

This is the first release from Wimm Recordings. Morgan Dagunet has been a member of Mils, Electronica sound unit in France, and released four albums. Also, He has collaborated with Steve&Rob, M83, Purple Confusion, a Japanese Unit with members of Moughaul. His solo project, Bertuf is an exquisite blend of electronics sound and organic taste as if they are reborn into new phenomena. It sounds like classical sound blended with electronics more than Folktoronica or Minimal Drone works. The music is like Impressionistic painting in Music with melodic and emotional approaches.
With Bertuf he has released a 7″ (Gooom, 2000) which contains tree electronic covers of Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes. Also, he joined to many compilations in whole world and wrote some film soundtracks such as « en partance clandestine » (Jean Marie Vinclair),and « Zyt wo geit » (Ralph Etter).

This is at once the debut album from Mils member Morgan Daguenet aka Bertuf, and the first release from popular (online) shop Warszawa’s new Wimm label. Bertuf makes clear from the start that he’s at home in French electronica a la Gel or Mils, but after listening for a while you’ll know what’s different here: the two 20+ minute-long pieces on this album make a nice change from the musical canapes often served in this genre. Although the combination of electronic and acoustic is already an old hat, in the form of two nice little symphonies it comes across remarkably fresh. Beautiful music and an unusual approach make one curious to hear more from Warszawa’s newest baby. (Realtokyo)

Dans la continuité logique de ses relectures des Gnossiennes de Satie, un exercice de style vagabond plus souple que ce qu’on connaissait chez Mils. Devrait être une jolie découverte.

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