Duul_Drv – Fade with Consequence (and/OAR, 2003)

Fade with Consequence

CDr and/OAR and/11 (USA, 2003)

01. Still Flowing Beneath the Ice. There Is Hoarfrost on the Trees
02. A Range of Outward Emotions on an Awkward Snowy Day
03. -40°c
04. Blue on Day (for Chartier, Günter and Roden)
05. Still Finding Leaves and Sand in my Sleeping Bag
06. Those Birds Are Very Far Away
07. We Don’t Have to Fight
08. A Place Not too Far out, Just Close to the Perimeter

duul_drv is S. Arden Hill, a minimalist sound maker and painter living in the intersecting and isolated climate of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As sound maker his compositions attempt to fuse the aesthetics and method of his painting with the dynamics of sound. By layering sounds actualized in PC software with edited field recordings duul_drv creates visual compositions that have been paralleled to camping, scuba diving, long drives on hot days, and watching bubbles floating outside a window. The compositions are mutli-layered and sublime, offering the potential listener various audible movies to escape into. The « dusty and cracked » texture that’s found in these compositions can be attributed to the overwhelming sense of location that Winnipeg offers. From an article written for The Wire’s ‘global ear: Winnipeg’ – issue 218, Hill offers, Winnipeg feels old and run down, more like a prairie town than a prosperous city. In this sense I get the impression that we are living through old photographs found in flea markets, and objects of nostalgia. This aesthetic can be heard in the quiet stretched sounds, the dull hiss of the crackling white noise, and the fragments of constructed beats. (Myspace)

and/OAR is very happy to present the perfect follow-up to Canadian sound artist S. Arden Hill’s wonderful work featured on the 3-way split release with Nibo and Vend published by 12k / Line. On Fade With Consequence, Arden paints snow canvases with the radiant warm rays of the sun never far away. (and/OAR)

Si je devais citer mes 10 labels favoris, and/OAR ne serait probablement pas dans la liste (en tout cas, ce n’est pas le premier nom qui me viendrait à l’esprit). Et pourtant, and/OAR est un label dont je guette systématiquement chaque nouvelle sortie, en essayant également de me procurer toutes ses anciennes références dans la mesure du possible. Et ça, je ne pourrais pas en dire autant des noms présents sur cette hypothétique classieuse top-ten-liste. Comme quoi, les listes…

Visit Duul_Drv or and/OAR

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