RST – Axes (Last Visible Dog, 2007)


CD Last Visible Dog LVD 114 (USA, 2007)

01. Crystalline
02. Lords of Space
03. The Gate of the Sun
04. Stone Circle Free
05. L.A.S.E.R.
06. Moonlit Air
07. Return to the Stars
08. Primitive Atmosphere
09. Adrift
10. Mountain Pass

Andrew Moon : guitar
Recorded 2000-2006

This album is from a different time and place. Found myself thinking of Eno’s ‘soundtracks’ album along with Tangerine Dream’s Zeit. Accomplishes some kind of weird, lonely, other-worldliness that I only associate with a tiny minority of artists. (Last Visible Dog)

More mysterious six string sonic explorations from New Zealand guitar alchemist Andrew Moon, but unlike the last release (the triple cd-r Other Machines) a grinding thick heavy smear of SUNNO))) like low end rumble and Fear Falls Burning-ish smoldering amplified intensity, the sounds on Axes is pretty much exactly the opposite of what you might expect a record called Axes to sound like. Dark, dreamy, tranquil and contemplative. Where other RST releases tended toward the minimal, the static Niblockian drone, the guitar against the amp rumble, Axes features fluttering melodies, chiming harmonics, bits of simple strum. All appropriately nestled amidst distant whirs and soft shimmers.
There are some heavier moments, the ultra brief « The Gate Of The Sun » is a minute plus of corrosive distorted crawl, and « Adrift » is an extended throbbing dirge of amp buzz and guitar distortion, melodies carved out of grinding buzz, beneath a sky filled with streaks of feedback, gorgeous for sure, but also heavy and dark. The rest of the record though, while peppered with bits of guitardrone and crumbling distortion, does definitely tend toward the dreamy, and while we love us some glacial heaviness, we’re pretty into the softer side of RST: long drawn out swirls of druggy sound, sounding a bit like a more abstract Spacemen 3 at points, while at others, the sound is delicate and mysterious, a barely there hum, glistening cricket like high end, all wound into tense cinematic ambience. Some tracks explore insectoid ragas, muted buzzing woven into expansive slow shifting soundscapes, others fall in more with the modern free folk, abstract soundscape movement, like the opener, the appropriately titled « Crystalline », a slowed down lullaby of chiming guitars and distant blurred whirs.
All of Axes is gorgeous, even at it’s heaviest, the sounds are still imbued with some mysterious beauty, some otherworldly magic…
(Aquarius Records)

Épaisse patte sonore, joies de l’électromagnétisme et chant d’harmoniques fantômes, de l’ambient cradingue de haut-vol, de la musique cosmique bricolée à base de guitares électriques, dix plages enregistrées sur sept ans (2000-2006) et la forte impression d’écouter les charmes d’une cassette usagée du ‘Zeit’ de Tangerine Dream. Excellent! (Metamkine)

FR Celui-là, je n’avais pas spécialement prévu de le proposer, avant de découvrir qu’il était épuisé au label. Et ça, ça change tout. Parce que RST est un continent à lui tout seul, parce qu’il faut s’y plonger encore et encore, parce que ça bourdonne, et parce que ce monde de guitares est tout simplement fascinant.
ENG Apparently simple guitar based drone, but truly amazing music. Like his previous releases on Corpus Hermeticum and Ecstatic Peace, this one is also sold out. One of my favourite albums of 2007.

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2 commentaires pour RST – Axes (Last Visible Dog, 2007)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    (il reste des copies chez Metamkine…)
    (last copies still available at Metamkine…)

  2. Dave M dit :

    This one is out there all right.

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