Loukia Katsimeri – Sohos (Editions_Zero, 2007)

Loukia Katsimeri

CDr Editions_Zero #12 (Greece, 01-2007)

01. Sohos

Recorded either on February or March 1991 at the village of Sohos.
Accidentally discovered in editions_zero’s archive in December 2006.

Early December 2006, i get a sudden call from komnas. while digging for some old issues of chondros/katsiani at the editions_zero central inamphissa, picked an old envelope out of which slipped a tape w/ total minimal details..’ loukia katsimeri, sohos, 91′. suddenly came as a flash in our minds, the figure of our beloved loukia, that was so sudden and sadly missed when she has hit by a car while cycling in paris back in december ’91. member of the greek experimental project ‘oi mihanologoi’ (their only available recording can be heard on the ‘apo mihanis music’ comp lp, ano kato records), she has been travelling around not only for a wish to learn/see places but also to collect their sounds and use them in the group’s recordings. ‘sohos’ being one of these tapes coming from her archive, includes an almost 30 min field recording done at the village of sohos during the carnival sometime in 91. not known if is on the day of carnival’s burning or another however you get recordings of the usual custom where goat shaped dressed people run/walk around the village wearing huge cowbells ringing as they move plus you get various other horns playing in the fore/back ground besides the peoples’ voices here and there. issued on 28/1/07 to celebrate this year’s carnival! (Editions Zero)

It’s no shame if you never heard of Loukia Katsimeri. She was a member of ‘Oi Mihanologoi’, a Greek experimental group which had a track on a compilation LP called ‘Apo Mihanis Music’ (alongside the Hafler Trio), years and years ago. Katsimeri got killed in 1991 in a cycling accident in Paris, and the age of 28. She liked to travel to collect sounds from around the world, and in the village of Sohos in 1991 she recorded during carnival this sound piece of dressed up people running and walking in goat shaped customs and large cowbells. She made this tape, which lasts about thirty minutes, which was recently discovered by the people of Editions Zero. I have no idea wether or not this is a straight recording or not, but it actually sounds quite nice. The sounds swell in intensity, seem to die out, but then return again, and this goes on. Recorded as such? Or re-created? I think the first, as we hear the irregular voices and some far away sounds too in there somewhere. It’s not a top quality recording, but the somewhat clouded sound that is now part of the recording, makes it all quite nice. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Toujours en évitant de passer par la case convenue du drone massif, la semaine du bourdonnement continue avec ces trente minutes qui ont finalement vues le jour un peu par hasard grâce au merveilleux label grec absurd. (Et dans le genre, allez aussi fouiner du côté du Paul Bradley posté il y a quelques semaines…)

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4 commentaires pour Loukia Katsimeri – Sohos (Editions_Zero, 2007)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    re-up soon… (sorry)

  2. Michael dit :

    Thanks so much for this, but the file is corrupt and can’t be extracted.
    Could you re-up it, please?

  3. docteurorlof dit :


    20 uploads on Mediafire and zero corrupt files… That was too good to be true…
    So let’s try Megaupload this time, less free-user-friendly than Mediafire but more reliable I hope.

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