DAC Crowell – Harmundum (Suilven, 2003)

DAC Crowell

CDr Suilven Recordings SUILVEN003 (UK, 10-2003)

01. Harmundum

What to say about a nearly hour-long recording of a simple chord progression stretched into a single piece of music? In a word, amazing. Totally captivating, American ambient artist Dac Crowell takes his training from Karlheinz Stockhausen and converts it into something that’s a delectable cross between Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians and the single tone poems of drone artist Jliat. Like Jliat, the music goes for long stretches with little changes, except that the mind hears subtle colorings that may or may not actually be there. Like Reich’s master work, the music has a definite progression, belying the seemingly static nature at any given point. The result is completely hypnotic, causing you to, as Crowell puts it, “listen within.” Words like mesmerizing, alluring, compelling, entrancing, they really don’t do Harmundum justice, so strongly does it pull you in to its unique sound world. Be prepared to be drawn in fully, not wanting to leave. (Phil Derby, Exposé Magazine)

FR C’est la troisième fois que je poste ici un disque de chez Suilven Recordings, vous devez donc maintenant savoir à quoi vous attendre. Moins statique que Rain Temple Garden, moins pastoral, mais tout aussi merveilleux. Et comme je suis visiblement très fan du label, d’autres suivront prochainement.
ENG More from the endlessly highly recommanded Suilven Recordings label, with another beautifull piece of ambient music. If you’ve already heard the other albums posted here last month, there’s no need to say more.

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