Philip Sanderson – Seal Pool Sounds (Seal Pool, 2005)

Philip Sanderson
Seal Pool Sounds

CD Seal Pool Spool 02 (Japan, 2005)

01. Oil on Troubled Daughters
02. Feeding Time
03. Big Glass
04. Umwell
05. Flume
06. Sea Swell
07. Seal Pool Sounds
08. Pilot Light
09. March of the Bugs
10. Radium Lab
11. Nude Nights
12. Left Them Down
13. Lude

Seal Pool Sounds is the first CD release of new material from Snatch Tapes founder, Organum Collaborator, and British installation artist, Philip Sanderson.
Seal Pool Sounds picks up where Sanderson’s Storm Bugs project left off sometime in 1981. Sanderson’s DIY software and electronics conjure whimsical, plaintive electronic tones and rhythms: sounds that recollect the light-hearted, yet melancholy nature of the 20th century zoos.
Seal Pool Sounds is a natural extension of his « Reprint » CD on Anomalous Records, and at once evokes LAFMS, Raymond Scott, Marcel Duchamp , and French New Wave film music.
(Seal Pool)

The return of philip sanderson… i’m an unabashed mega-fan of the storm bugs as well as philip’s various projects over the years (remember the claire thomas & susan vesey track on the cherry red comp “perspectives and distortions?” i do…) so it’s great to listen to this mish-mash of different approaches to electronic music, all constructed with various synthesizers (software, hardware, and otherwise…) over the last few years.
The blurb below is fairly spot on… there’s a bit of raymond scott’s “soothing sounds for babies” sound-world, inasfar as there are child-like melodies mixed with more abstract sounds & processing… on top of that there’s a bit of a-grade electro-acoustic collagery, all kinds of crazy location recordings of animals (echoing basil kirchin’s zonked “worlds within worlds” series)… all dripping with a certain nod towards surrealism & the woozy diy home-recorded aesthetic that made sanderson’s early 80s music so… unique (check the recent “reprint” disc on anomalous for a taste.)
Some of the tones are occasionally off-putting (the intital 20 seconds had me checking the cd player to make sure i hadn’t put the wrong disc in!) but the unorthodox sound assembly/construction methods taken as a whole leave no doubt in my mind that the same brain that conjured up the snatch tapes universe 25 years back is still coursing, full of great ideas and the means to realize them… an excellent disc.
(Mimaroglu Music Sales)

En guise de présentation, je dirai que Philip Sanderson est quelqu’un qu’on ne présente plus (quoi que j’en dise ou pas, vous le téléchargerez de toute façon…). C’est ludique, varié et surprenant. Pas le disque le plus rare du monde non plus, mais ce n’est pas une raison pour s’en priver.

Visit Philip Sanderson (or here) or Seal Pool

EDIT : …And I received this message from the label’s owner : Special $5 (+shipping) price for Seal Pool Sounds for readers of this blog. Contact me at address at the bottom of the site.
So now, even if you can still download the MP3s (with this poor sound and my sh*tty scans), you also know where to find the real thing. Cheap price, no cheap music.

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3 commentaires pour Philip Sanderson – Seal Pool Sounds (Seal Pool, 2005)

  1. Seal Pool dit :

    Special $5 (+shipping) price for Seal Pool Sounds for readers of this blog. Contact me at address at the bottom of the site.

    Als0 $5 (+shipping) for Robert Haigh (Sema, Omni Trio) – From The Air
    and $10 for Coelacanth & Keith Evans – Wrack Light in Copper Ruin CD + DVD.

    • docteurorlof dit :


      This place has a very small number of readers, who usually download only 20% of the things I post (10 downloads is a very good – and rare – score for an album). And the search engines are also not welcome here, so I’m afraid this blog won’t help you to sell a lot of copies… But who knows, after all it’s very easy to fall in love with this album.

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