Galaktlan – Sinine Platoo (Kohvi, 2002)

Sinine Platoo

CDr Kohvirecords krec006 (Estonia, 2002)

01. Foll
02. Sulase Surm
03. -15º
04. Mina Kaheks
05. Sinine Platoo
06. Videoton
07. Klavestra
08. Tekitaja
09. Veneetsia
10. 40 000 Lampi

Visualising Galaktlan’s music can be imagined as looking at a frosty window on a cold morning in january and seeing sun sparkling on the icy fractal-like structures that keep repeating themselves while evolving into increasingly complex structures. To get a deeper understaning of Galaktlan’s music one has to know what the winter is like in nordic countries (like Estonia) where people move around while it is -20 degrees cold, the country is sparsely populated and mutual communication is mostly carried out in thoughts instead of words. The album « Sinine Platoo » communicates essentially in a similar way. The music is not loquacious and does not strive to give explicit answers. Instead, it conveys feelings, moods and paradoxes of infinity without unnecessary noise. The name of the album and track « Sinine Platoo » comes from Galaktlan’s dream where he saw a plateau hanging in the void. Its affective quality can be paralleled with the one of « Solaris » by Andrei Tarkovski where intelligent plasma, capable of influencing people’s thoughts, hovers above the planet’s surface . On a broader scale this title reflects the essence of the environment where Galaktlan’s music is born: Estonia has a flat landscape surrounded by sea on two sides and a long cold winter.
« Sinine Platoo » is released by Kohvirecords on 12″ vinyl and CDR which features 3 extra tracks. The 12″ is mastered at Dubplates and Mastering: the legendary studio which created the unique sound of Basic Channel and Chain Reaction.

Hailing from Estonia, Taavi Laatsit presents his first album as Galaktlan. Sinine Platoo is a brilliant collection of hypnotic grooves, atmospheric structures and warm melodies typical of the Nordic electronic scene.
“To get a deeper understanding of Galaktlan’s music, one has to know what the winter is like in Nordic countries” claims the press release. Sinine Platoo, which translates as Blue Plateau, surely is a typical piece of sub-arctic electronica, sometimes reminiscent of early Biosphere. Ambient cool waves, arid beat patterns, floating melodies and found sounds are all characteristics of the ever growing Nordic electronic scene, and this album is no exception.
Galaktlan is the project of Estonian musician Taavi Laatsit. Currently based in Tallinn, Laatsit originally comes from the university town of Tartu, situated in the South East of this small former Soviet republic, stuck between Latvia in the South, Russia in the East and the Gulf of Finland in the North. Laatsit studied French horn before switching to electronic music in the early nineties, finally releasing his first full length as Uni, a collaboration with label mate Hendrik Luuk, as well as a compilation of EPs recorded under his Vonsouck incarnation, in 1999. After moving to the Estonian capital, he started work on his latest project, Galaktlan. Recorded at Dubplates studio, where the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction sound originated, Sinine Platoo is an intriguing collection of warm analogue electronic music. Entirely instrumental, the ten tracks gathered here emphasise on pure melodic lines and beautiful calm atmosphere, all developing from a common sonic ground. Seeking inspiration in Soviet sci-fi movies, Laatsit organises his compositions to reflect his environment, by applying soothing pressures of warmth in otherwise dry landscapes. Sometimes seeking refuge in the effervescent electronic movement of the early nineties, Sinine Platoo presents a fine actualisation of the hypnotic grooves and aquatic ambiences pioneered by the likes of Black Dog and B12. The clever assemblage of delicate organic structures ranges from the dark beats and monomorphic drones of the title track and the twitchy electro of Mina Kaheks to the peaceful Klavestra and Tekitaja or the exhilarating 40,000 Lampi, highlighting Laatsit’s great versatility as a musician, while remaining extremely constant all the way through.
Estonia is emerging as one of the most interesting new grounds for electronic musicians, with Kohvirecords leading the way. With this first Galaktlan album, Taavi Laatsit seems determined to make a lasting impression, challenging the more established artists on their own ground.
(The Milk Factory)

FR Jolie découverte lors de sa sortie, et un disque vers lequel je reviens encore régulièrement aujourd’hui. Une electronica qui sait dépasser ses influences convenues (d’Autechre à Isan en passant par Chain Reaction) et casser la routine du genre grâce à un don mélodique certain. Et là vous avez la version CDr, moins classe en tant qu’objet que le 12′ mais avec quelques titres en plus.
ENG Here’s an old favourite, great electronica from Estonia. This CDr version also includes four bonus tracks.

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