Luke Fowler & Toshiya Tsunoda – Familial Readings (edition.t, 2009)

Luke Fowler & Toshiya Tsunoda
Familial Readings

CD edition.t e.02 (Japan, 04-2009)

01. Familial Readings

Luke Fowler is an experimental filmmaker. His work is a kind of anti-documental work. We are working together, recently. He asked his family and close friend by telephone. He says “Just read a paragraph that you reading book right now.” He collects 8 readings. Luke and I made an installation together in Yokohama. We used 16mm film with no sound. I recorded the blank soundtrack of it. (you can hear at the beginning and at the end). These are the materials of the work and I made a very simple composition with a lot of silence. Materials are poor sounds. But we can hear subtle textures of each speaking voices… such as room resonance, breath, speed of reading… Textures of recording and blank soundtrack told us, beauty of “recording”. Fix a transience moment in our life and its existence. (Toshiya Tsunoda)

(…) There is something incredibly warm and friendly about this recording despite its seemingly inaccessible form and presentation. I have actually listened to it from start to finish four times now, and I find myself trying to put faces to the voices, which feel somehow like people I should know, perhaps just because the accents are British, but perhaps just because they are telephone recordings, and quite often when we listen to people on the phone they are already family or friends. there is a sort of documentary feel to it, a bit like a series of talking heads on a TV programme, but with the clips of film between them removed. The static at each end of the disc seems to add to that odd sense of warmth. There is something about it that suggests good old days to me, vintage materials pulled from an archive, or just your Grandmother playing an old cinefilm of when you were very young. All of this is of course conjecture, and I am probably a mile from the mark, but all you can do with a CD like this is allow it to play and let it take shape in your head one way or another. In theory I feel like I should be annoyed by this CD, left frustrated by its simplicity and lack of background information. I really don’t feel anything like that though. It feels oddly comfortable, friendly and quite welcoming after a shitty day. (Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear)

FR Celui-là, je ne sais pas trop quoi en penser. Extrêmement conceptuel et dans le même temps d’une extrême simplicité, prenant et presque chaleureux. Mais j’ai quand même un peu de mal. Et dois-je ajouter que ça ne s’écoute pas sur un ordinateur mais en CD?
ENG No CD sleeve, no ‘music’, lots of silence. Extremely conceptual, surely. And to fully experience this kind of audio work, of course you’ll have to buy the CD… eventually.

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