Brenda Kahn – Epiphany in Brooklyn (Chaos, 1992)

Brenda Kahn
Epiphany in Brooklyn

CD Chaos OK 52768 / Columbia COL 472080 2 (USA, 09-1992)

01. I Don’t Sleep, I Drink Coffee Instead
02. Mojave Winters
03. She’s in Love
04. Anesthesia
05. Mint Juleps and Needles
06. My Lover
07. Sleepwalking
08. Lost
09. The Great Divide
10. Madagascar
11. Losing Time
12. In Indiana

Guitar/Vocals – Brenda Kahn
Bass – Caleb Palmiter
Drums – Steve Foley
Mandolin – Matt Wehling
Trombone – Gregory Pryor
Cello – Noah Hoffeld

Brenda Kahn’s Epiphany in Brooklyn takes the same approach to lyrical content as Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road, in that her songs paint portraits of characters from all over the landscape of the United States. Her main setting is New York City, which is captured appropriately in the caffeine buzz of the first track, « I Don’t Sleep, I Drink Coffee Instead. » The album closes with « In Indiana, » where she sings, « Brooklyn is a long cab ride away. » In between, her destinations include the Mojave desert, Ohio and the Bible Belt. The albums mood fluctuates between excitement (the Dylanesque « Mint Juleps and Needles » and « She’s in Love ») and the despair caused by relationships (« My Lover » and « Lost »). The bleak « Sleepwalking » is a subtle masterpiece, with its observations of the contradictions inherent in the United States of 1992. Brenda Kahn’s folk-punk sound and highly energized lyrics make Epiphany in Brooklyn a hidden gem. (Brian Flota, All Music Guide)

Loin, très loin des bidules électroniques qui font la routine de ce blog, voilà une petite pépite sortie quelques années trop tôt, en prime sur une major (les Majors c’est le Mal, n’est-ce pas?). Imaginez du Violent Femmes au féminin et vous ne serez pas trop loin du compte (par contre, imaginez du Tori A. ou du Alanis M. et vous aurez tout faux).

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