Brendan Murray & Mike Shiflet – Sentimental Gentlemen (Sentient Recognition Archive, 2009)

Brendan Murray & Mike Shiflet
Sentimental Gentlemen

CDr Sentient Recognition Archive SRA020 (USA, 2009)

01. Early Retirement
02. « How’s your Late 90’s? »

Originally released in a handmade quantity of 50 on CDr during Murray & Mike’s tour late last year, this has now gotten a proper reissue of 150 copies. Two lengthy tracks with Murray and Shiftlet merging sounds to create something wholly unique. It’s also great to see some sense of humor in the drone field (check out the titles). (Sentient Recognition Archive)

Probably right on time, or perhaps just a little bit too late, but since I am a big fan of Brendan Murray, I pretend not to see that this was released originally in October 2008 (hell, maybe this is a re-issue?) when he toured with Mike Shiflet. I have no idea what they are sentimental about, but they play two pieces here, of which the first one, ‘Early Retirement’, is a great exercise in drone based radio waves and crackles, moving, humming, buzzing and peeping. A great piece, even when as such its probably not much new under the sun. In ‘How’s Your Late 90’s?’ things move unmistakably into a more noise based field, maybe the Shiflet influence on Murray?, with high pitched tones, being interrupted by various tones. But the piece then decides to move into more quieter corners of microsound, maybe a Murray thing?, but altogether it makes quite an intense piece of music. This is a very fine release. I have no idea where they toured, but I sure would have loved to see it. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Réédition d’un CDr sorti à 50 exemplaires. Cette fois, c’est 150 copies qui ont été gravées, mieux mais toujours dérisoire. Vous me direz qu’à défaut de vivre confortablement de leur musique, ces gens-là peuvent déjà s’estimer heureux de faire ce qu’ils aiment. En sommes-nous vraiment à ce point?

Visit Brendan Murray or Mike Shiflet or Sentient Recognition Archive

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Un commentaire pour Brendan Murray & Mike Shiflet – Sentimental Gentlemen (Sentient Recognition Archive, 2009)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    On sale at Sentient Recognition Archive, and also on sale at Norman Records… Cheap price, no cheap music (again).

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