Wereju – Between Nowhere and Goodbye (Fourteen Ten, 2008)

Between Nowhere and Goodbye

CDr Fourteen Ten (Ireland, 06-2008)

01. Bulls’ Blood and Whatnot
02. Two Days Older Than Dirt
03. Conclusions Foregone

It wasn’t massive or heavy or sludgey, instead it was dreamy and mysterious, the low end more soothing than corrosive. There were definitely some intense moments, but for the most part, the sound of Wereju was a gorgeous blackened late night shimmer. (Aquarius Records)

Here Rodgers’ tone is subtly more corrosive, with moments of reined-in fierceness. For the most part, again, as on « bulls’ blood and whatnot » the sound is a crepuscular gauze, wound with slithery slivers; notes infinitely spooling out, distant thrums and feedback-flirting tintinnabulations. Rodgers may or may not have supped from the cup of Justin Broadrick in his Final incarnation, but if he hasn’t, it serves to indicate what lies just beyond the borders, leaking over Wereju’s perimeters. Edge of distortion undulations spread out, all mist and sun-thieving shadows. On « two days older than dirt » fog-wreathed whorls of sound and signals from the bleak beyond add to the nocturnal hum, gathering like a storm then breaking into strange cyclings before subsiding. But overall Between Nowhere and Goodbye is less brute beast than brooding black beauty. (Furthernoise)

Au fil des (nombreuses) sorties, la musique de Wereju évolue, c’est incontestable. L’ennui, c’est qu’elle évolue à la vitesse d’un glacier, du coup à l’oreille ce n’est pas forcément flagrant. Mais là je chipote, puisqu’il a fallu une bonne dizaine d’albums avant que je commence un petit peu à m’en lasser.

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