Sakada – 30 November 2002 (Sound323, 2003)

30 November 2002

CD3″ Sound 323 323[4] (UK, 09-2003)

01. 30 November 2002

Mattin – feedback
Eddie Prévost : gong, cymbals, self-made barrel drum

Recorded live at the Sound 323 record store, London, November 30, 2002
Limited edition of 300, packaged in miniature jewel case with no printing

30 November 2002 (Sound 323[4] mini CD) documents 21 and a half minutes from an in-store concert on that date at Sound 323 record store in North London. The performers, accompanied now and then by the noise of passing traffic, are Sakada, a duo featuring Eddie Prevost on gong, cymbals and his personally fashioned barrel drum and Mattin interacting with computer feedback. Mattin displays his usual intense involvement, his laptop like an unpredictable kiln that Prevost has to monitor and respond to with skill and intuition, if his own materials are to avoid meltdown and develop beyond their raw state.
Prevost thrives on such precariousness. He made the barrel drum and developed bowing and other unorthodox techniques of sounding percussion to dislodge further the inevitable residue of habit. As a result of Mattin’s interventions and mediations, Prevost’s moment to moment decisions here cast depersonalised, electronic shadows, returning distorted or transformed to haunt and challenge him. Just 300 copies testify to the tensions of the event.
(Julian Cowley, The Wire)

Même si Mattin est crédité au ‘feedback’, c’est pas tellement bruyant, finalement. Mais ça reste sérieux, hein.

Visit Sound323 (and buy, maybe?)

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