Gareth Mitchell – August, Snow, Pieces (absurd, 2003)

Gareth Mitchell
August; Snow; Pieces

CDr absurd #27 (Greece, 2003)

01. August
02. Snow
03. Pieces

3 pieces varying in moods & atmosphere, uniquely created from Gareth utilizing his guitar via laptop. Starts in a more abstract noisy mood, turns to unique ambient textures and ends w/ an intense electroacoustic atmosphere. (absurd)

Three tracks, thirty minutes, in a limited edition of only 141 copies! What Greece’s Absurd offers the few who have access to it, is a complete suspension of linear sound. Gareth Mitchell has created an apocalyptic sense of atonal ambience that distills immediate gratification with silent tension. Tiny icy tones replicate, divide and detach from the center in a informal dance that leaves much to chance and surprise. Though after a bit, a rhythm starts forming as the repetition leads way to more minimal, singular high-pitched tones. There is magic in the music, but it is also inherently distancing. What is being said here seems somewhat parenthetical, or is like some random scan of the pages of Mitchell’s aural journal. The final track is six minutes of electronic bliss and angst superimposed upon each other as if it were a space missionary lost in the cavity of time. (TJ Norris, Igloo Magazine)

Gareth Mitchell – aka Philosopher’s Stone, whose Kranky releases are well worth checking out – offers three pieces on « August; Snow; Pieces », the first a tantalisingly mysterious assemblage of crackles, glitches and treated sound sources whose fragmented, pockmarked surface recalls Kevin Drumm’s work with Ralf Wehowsky on their recent Selektion outing « Cases ». The second track (am I right to refer to this as « Snow », or is « August; Snow; Pieces » the title of the album alone?) is more continuous and patient exploration of bell-like sonorities. If you do happen to nod off, the final track will rip your ears back into life for sure.
(…) I can think of few things as patently absurd as reviewing a disc that nobody is ever likely to be able to get hold of, but at the same time I can think of even fewer things that give me as much pleasure as Absurd. Go Greek.
(Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic)

Pas grand chose à ajouter à la présentation courte et limpide faite par absurd, à moins d’en paraphraser la traduction en français – mais ça risquerait de se voir et de griller ma crédibilité. La fin du label étant programmée (une victime collatérale de la crise financière en Grèce?), mettre la main sur toutes les références que vous pouvez trouver serait un placement judicieux.

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