Pita – Get out (Mego, 1999)

Get Out

CD Mego MEGO 029 (Austria, 10-1999)

01. Untitled
02. Untitled
03. Untitled
04. Untitled
05. Untitled
06. Untitled
07. Untitled
08. Untitled
09. Untitled

Made on the twisted hard disc in Vienna, Paris, Oxford, Amsterdam, Tokyo
and New York 6/98 – 6/99.
File management at random studio, Vienna 7/99.

‘Get Out’ was the second full length album release by Pita (aka Peter Rehberg). The folllow up to the award winning ‘Seven Tons For Free’. Its harsh use of available computing devices made it popular both in and outside electronic music circles of the time, especially the 11 minute anthem like 3rd track.
David Keenan in his liner notes states that ‘Get Out’ “…stands as the first major musical laptop statement in the same way that Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced album spoke for the most extended instrument-specific modes of the electric guitar three decades earlier.”
(Editions Mego)

Peter Rehberg, well-known for his work in Rehberg & Bauer, is also prolific with his solo output as Pita, featured on the Austrian experimental techno label MEGO. Pita’s newest release, Get Out, demonstrates an increase in sophistication in Rehberg’s music. Each of the nine untitled tracks on the album is its own surreal electronic noise landscape – and I use the word « landscape » due to the striking visual quality inherent in the sound of Pita. Get Out begins with harsh, grinding, even blistering, high-pitched tones, mellowing out towards the fourth and fifth tracks with electronic blips, bird-like twittering, and nearly inaudible gurgling. The album, like so much of Rehberg’s other works, gives the listener of feeling of complete disorientation with its extreme juxtapositions and abrupt sonic changes. The third track, without doubt Get Out’s highlight, is a breathtaking example of Pita’s adeptness at the use of this technique: the opening moments are melodic and pretty, lulling the listener into a false sense of security, when suddenly the more abrasive frequencies are brought in without warning, combining with lo-fi washes, and creating an odd blend that is both alluring and pleasantly ear-splitting, only to arrive at the end of the track by severing the listener’s bliss with complete silence. Get Out stands out as some of the best work yet to be released by MEGO, and concrete evidence of the genius of Rehberg – an excellent introduction to anyone not familiar with either one. While this album is a gem for fans of harsh noise experimentation, it is definitely not for the faint of ear! (Brainwashed)

FR Il était une fois vers la fin du siècle dernier des musiciens qui découvraient les joies de l’ordinateur portable. Fennesz enregistrait son second album dans son jardin, Jim O’Rourke comptait jusqu’à 3 (et il était content, et il chantait), et le boss de Mego Peter Rehberg triturait son disque dur entre deux avions. Le résultat est ce classique, concassage numérique abrasif depuis entré dans le domaine public (et par conséquent moins féroce aux oreilles aujourd’hui). Et surtout, il y a ce fameux troisième morceau, occupant à lui seul le quart de l’album, une sublime trace de mélodie morriconienne toujours hypnotisante même au coeur de la pire tempête de sable.
ENG This is the original edition of this classic. Today this album may sound less abrasive, but the third track is still an incredible breathtaking epic song (yes, this is actually a song).

Visit Peter Rehberg or Editions Mego

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