Lorenzo Senni – Early Works (Kesh, 2008)

Lorenzo Senni
Early Works

CD Kesh Recordings KESH 006 / Presto!? P!?002* (UK, 09-2008)

01. Spckrft
02. Glenfield Nd
03. Xenia
04. 100. 100.
05. Untitled Three
06. Wave Wowe Wow!
07. Pool 5
08. Loop 21

Recorded between March and June 2007

Lorenzo Senni’s debut album comes on Simon Scott’s Kesh Recordings imprint and it’s a superb slice of textural electronic delight. It’s a work that takes in two distinct styles and varies between distorted, occasionally Tim Hecker-esque soundscapes that have a deep element of melody in there along with much more blissed out tracks that move more into ambient territory. Shorter interlude tracks lead sweetly into the longer, more hypnotic works and I like the way they act as a sort of aural puctuation to emphasize the beauty of those works. For those who enjoy some toothsome processed sounds this is a real goodie and it comes immaculately packaged as well I might add in a slightly oversized cardboard sleeve… it really looks wonderful. All round a great release. (Smallfish)

Oddly enough Senni, who is a musician himself, his own debut CD appears on Keshhhhh which lists an address in the UK, but the CD was released in association with Presto!?. Senni plays solo, as well as with Juglandacee, an electro-acoustic impro trio) and drums with Le Harmacy, a free noise trio. However here its all electronic music. You might wonder why this is called ‘Early Works’ and yet you may never heard of him. Senni (1983) started recording this kind of music very recently so the ‘early works’ are from 2007. Music wise he deals with all the know structures from the world of glitch, but divides his attention between the ambient side of things, such as in ‘Untitled Three’ and the more noisy based outings such as in ‘Spckrft’. There is nothing Senni does that we haven’t heard before, and some of his peers and examples are simply better, but especially in the more ambient pieces he shows himself as someone who still has a keen ear to make things a bit more with a bite. So, that makes this quite an enjoyable disc. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Lorenzo Senni vient de sortir un nouveau CD sur son label Presto!?, et précise qu’il s’agit de son véritable premier album, Early Works n’étant qu’une compilation de bricolages de jeunesse sous influence. C’est pas faux, mais c’est aussi assez sévère pour un disque pas du tout anecdotique, partagé entre des pièces courtes qui ressemblent effectivement à ce qui se faisait chez Mego quinze ans plus tôt (donc des exercices sauvés par leur brièveté, on va dire) et d’autres titres plus longs, plus ambient, plus construits et plus personnels (qui là peuvent tutoyer sans trop rougir leurs modèles).

Visit Lorenzo Senni or Presto or Kesh

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