Ali Hassan Kuban – Nubian Magic (Delabel, 1994)

Ali Hassan Kuban
Nubian Magic

CD Delabel DE 7243 83993222 2 (France, 1994)

01. Al Samra Helwa
02. Samiry
03. Mabrouk Wo Arisna
04. Maria-Maria
05. Walla Abshero
06. Tiembony
07. Ana Ries Kenalky
08. Lefy Doury
09. Al Ghourba
10. Leila

Ali Hassan Kuban is a master singer and popularizer of Nubian music, a typically vocal expression native to the border region of Egypt and Sudan. In the mid ’50s, Kuban added electric guitars, keys, a horn section, and percussion to his music, fusing traditional songs of love with uptempo pop instruments in a Western-influenced mix. His group appeals to old and young alike.
Nubia is a narrow stretch of land that runs alongside the Nile River Valley south of Egypt to Northern Sudan. The region is often called « the Corridor to Africa » and its rich culture bears distinct African, Asian, and Mediterranean influences. Ali Hassan Kuban is the region’s foremost musical ambassador, with a soulful, impassioned sound and lyrics that mostly deal with love. His Nubian Band mixes elements of traditional and contemporary music forms seamlessly, using guitar, electric bass, and horns in conjunction with the Arabic oud, the Nubian lyra, and traditional Middle Eastern percussion. The music on Nubian Magic is notable not only for its aesthetic beauty and undeniable visceral power, but also for its ability to incorporate the ancient influences of his native land without being limited by them. This is thoroughly modern music for modern times.
(Bret Love, All Music Guide)

Ali Hassan Kuban est vieux, chante en arabe, et puisqu’il est mort il ne doit même pas avoir ses papiers sur lui. Pas grave (tant qu’il n’y en a qu’un ça va, comme disait l’autre…), et si je me souviens bien, ce petit vieux avait réussi à mettre le feu aux Transmusicales quand il y était passé. A côté de ce Nubian Magic, un bon paquet des disques proposés ici sont bons à balancer sans regret chez le soldeur du coin.

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