Stuart Dodman – You Fill Me (and/OAR, 2004)

Stuart Dodman
You Fill Me

CDr and/OAR and/13 (USA, 02-2004)

01. INOB
02. I2
03. FDE
04. BN
05. NI1
06. B1
07. TO
08. OB
08. 14N

Recordings of architectural acoustics

This release came about after reading the following review in Ampersand Etc, in March of 2003:
« Recently, Stuart Dodman sent me a demo of some of his work ‘concerning the displacement of frequencies in an architectural space’ in which he records objects/spaces, manipulates them slightly and plays with them (plus chucks in a statistical analysis) creating ‘a conceptual sound installation’. The six tracks total about 22 minutes and are gorgeous. There is a passing similarity to some of the Japanese sine works, especially in their changes as you move. But Dodman is working in lower frequencies and with rumbles and hisses that slip and glide past you, slowly modulating and layering, mastered at a low volume and very effective as subtle shifting ambiences. The first is long and more stately while the other pieces maintain the tension in a shorter frame with more activity, pulsing and shimmering. » (Jeremy Keens – Ampersand Etcetera)
You Fill Me includes tracks that appeared on the demo reviewed by Mr. Keens (some being different versions), plus three additional tracks, to make up a full length release. Listening in either a quiet room or headphones is highly recommended. Cover design by Stuart Dodman. Font design and layout assitance by Andy Garnett.

You Fill Me is a series of nine recordings of architectural acoustics and whilst this could easily lead you to believe that it might be a soulless series of field recordings, nothing could be further from the truth. Each track is deliberately and immaculately put together with a superb attention to detail and clever uses of manipulation. The atmospheres are spacious and resonant with a strange depth that penetrates throughout, even when there’s barely a whisper of sound. Textural glitches, clicks, and crackles add a layer of varied and interesting sound and the whole CD sits together perfectly, each track complimenting the next. Recommended for lovers of 12k and Line, amongst others. (Smallfish)

Comme souvent chez and/OAR, encore une histoire d’environnement et de la musique qui l’habite, d’où le titre limpide de cet album (du coup j’ai rien à ajouter, la bonne excuse).

Visit Stuart Dodman or and/OAR

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  1. docteurorlof dit :

    Duul_Drv’s Fade with Consequence (another and/OAR out-of-print CD) was posted here last month :
    (explore the archives for details)

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