Oceans of Silver & Blood – Live at Cafe Oto (Confront, 2009)

Oceans of Silver & Blood
Live at Cafe Oto

CDr Confront CCS10 (UK, 2009)

01. Live at Cafe Oto

Joachim Nordwall & Mark Wastell
Recorded 21/09/2008

(…) Recorded at London’s Cafe Oto last year, the performance starts with the audience immediately shutting up – completely – as soon as the musicians appear. The set is sequenced as a chain of dynamic transformations following an arc of sorts. The impact is somewhat substantial at first, physically influential sound waves infused with cyclical tremors eliciting an irresistible unrest forcing us to walk around the room to appreciate the frequencies reacting differently according to the spot. In the central phase (my overall favourite) we’re gently kissed by the luminosity of softly murmuring hues, the overtones depicting a fragile yet long-lasting echoing which, barring chemical aids, is able to cause the brain to rewind the tape of memory and reliving sensations from the past without actually individuating the details or a precise temporal location. One realizes of having been there before, but I’ll be damned if someone manages to put the finger on how this mechanism works not including the pathetic from-the-manual technicalities utilized by the average psychologist. Still, this is the kind of feeling people might wish when the transition from flesh to ash will finally occur (…). (Massimo Ricco, Touching Extremes)

FR La semaine dernière débutait dans l’indifférence générale (c’est pas gentil) avec Ahimsanic Live at the Sanctuary, ce lundi on se rend en Live at Cafe Oto avec Joachim Nordwall et Mark Wastell. On quitte l’ambient lumineux pour du drone massif. Une autre forme d’immersion (mais est-ce vraiment la musique idéale pour bien commencer la semaine le lundi au réveil?).
ENG Last week started at the Sanctuary with Ahimsanic (still highly recommended by the way), this monday we’re going to London at Cafe Oto with Joachim Nordwall and Mark Wastell. This time the colour is drone, another kind of immersion.

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Un commentaire pour Oceans of Silver & Blood – Live at Cafe Oto (Confront, 2009)

  1. docteurorlof dit :


    Limited edition of 200 copies, still available from Confront (and once again: ‘cheap price, no cheap music’)

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