Nimbus 2000 – Kettle of Fish Walking (Octane Grammophon, 2004)

Nimbus 2000
Kettle of Fish Walking – Complete Recordings 1999-2003

CD Octane Grammophon oct-4 (Finland, 2004)

01. Hunting for the Ogopogo
02. Pimbis
03. Wozzek
04. Puddles
05. Wobbla
06. Handclap

Track 1 from a split 7″ with Magic Carpathians Project, released in 1999 as og6
Track 2 & 4 from Yr Agog compilation CD, released in 2000 as og10
Track 3 from a split7″ with the Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band, released in 1999
Tracks 5 & 6 previously unreleased, recorded in 2003

Nimbus 2000 is another of Daf Roberts’ (Alphane Moon, Our Glassie Azoth, Blodeuedd) projects and again his musical offerings give us something that is really worthy of investigation. ‘Kettle of fish walking – compete recordings 1999-2003’ contains every Nimbus 2000 track Daf Roberts has recorded and released on his own Oggum label. Some of these recordings originally came out on a series of split 7″ eps. Further Nimbus 2000 tracks were released (two to be precise) on a charity compilation CD Oggum released featuring Magic Carpathians, Electroscope and Flying Saucer Attack, to name a few. ‘Kettle of Fish Walking’ includes all of these tracks with two brand new songs exclusive to this compilation. And the music…? Deep-space exlporing. Picture yourself voyaging somewhere between a time and an unknown. From somewhere you hear a softly spoken voice reading children’s fairytales. All this is realised within a totally rich, colorful, unique and warm soundscape which recalls the sound of 70’s german synth-wizards Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Magical. Have a flow and go. Note that this is a MiniCD of 20 minutes. (Octane Grammophon)

FR Le facteur sonne toujours deux fois (ah ben zut, c’est moins drôle qu’en anglais…), puisque, après Expo ’70, on replonge dans un space rock très marqué 70’s. Mais celui-là est assez différent du précédent (l’intégrale de quatre ans d’enregistrements se résumant à 20 minutes de musique avec des morceaux assez courts), et pour le coup nous emmène vraiment dans l’espace. Excellent dans son genre.
ENG As they say: ‘man, the posts always ring twice’. Following Expo’70’s Psychic Funeral, here’s another space rock escapade. But this time we’re truly in outer space. Excellent.

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Un commentaire pour Nimbus 2000 – Kettle of Fish Walking (Octane Grammophon, 2004)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    … and if you enjoy this kind of trip, Electroscope’s Homemade Electroscope on Wurlitzer Jukebox was posted here in july : (explore the archives for details)

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