Harvey Sid Fisher – Astrology Songs (Amarillo, 1995)

Harvey Sid Fisher
Astrology Songs

CD Amarillo Records ACM-585 (USA, 1995)

01. Aries
02. Taurus
03. Gemini
04. Moonchild
05. Leo
06. Virgo
07. Libra
08. Scorpio
09. Sagittarius
10. Capricorn
11. Aquarius
12. Pisces
13. The Golf Song
14. Crazy People
15. The God of Golf
16. I Love the Game

Fisher had moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1969 to further pursue acting and music. Fisher has gotten small acting parts on TV and in film since 1967. Some of his credits include “I Dream of Jeannie,” “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, “The New Perry Mason,” “Kojak,” “Barnaby Jones,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Scrooged,” and “Lethal Weapon 3.”
Fisher concurrently worked as a model, and musical performer. He made his first recording in the late 80s. He wrote the material for Astrology Songs from 1986 to 1987, which features songs about each of the twelve Astrological signs. Fisher was able to self-finance the recording of the album from the royalties he received from appearing in Lincoln Continental TV commercial. Astrology Songs eventually got a proper release in 1993 on Amarillo Records
. (…) (from Wikipedia)

Harvey Sid Fisher’s Astrology Songs & Golf Songs seems to be largely horoscopes set to pseudo-cocktail music, sometimes dispensing with melody and intonation. It’s hard to take the songs that comprise the album seriously, but then, they weren’t meant to be. Like the album title says, the first 12 tracks deal with astrology, while the last four bonus compositions are about golf. Lots of stiff keyboards, happy, carefree vocals, and guitar-strummed singalongs. Fisher takes a straight-ahead approach; all of the song titles that deal with astrology are signs (« Aries, » « Libra, » etc.), while its lyrics are often hilarious (« Taurus » contains the phrase « Talkin’ bout the Taurus, Talkin’ bout the bully-bull-bull » repeated over and over). Fans of funny novelty records will undoubtedly want to track down a copy of Harvey Sid Fisher’s Astrology Songs & Golf Songs. (Greg Prato, All Music Guide)

FR J’avoue que parfois la distinction entre disque ‘culte’ et ‘anecdotique’ est problématique. Et en voilà un parfait exemple. Entre la bio nous informant qu’Harvey Sid Fisher est ‘ one of L.A.’s top 10,000 photographic models, plays golf, teaches golf and as of aug. 1994 is thirteen years macrobiotic ‘ et cet espace sur le livret réservé aux autographes, l’album baigne dans un humour qui m’échappe quelque peu. Sans surprise, c’est la merveilleusement azimutée maison Amarillo qui nous propose cette réédition.
ENG And here’s a ‘cult’ album on my beloved Amarillo label. Twelve songs about astrology and four bonus tracks about golf, why not? Sometimes ‘cult’ is quite close to ‘anecdotal’, but after all I can’t post certified masterpieces every single day. And yes, we’ll return back home to drone/ambient music soon.


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