Adam Reese – Water Tape (Easy Discs, 2009)

Adam Reese
Water Tape

CDr Easy Discs #1 (USA, 2009)

01. Water Tape

Recorded March 2009 in Portland, OR

This is no1 in the catalog and it is limited to 71 copies. It includes a 27 minute and 4 seconds running recording that sounds both as a sound recording piece and as a weird installation. The thing that stroke me most in this release is the psychogeographical qualities of the approach. Water flow and the movement of the recorder evolve constantly creating a real time environment. The naivety behind this simple tactic is radical in the manner that the listener is placed in a succession of implied haeccity events. This is one of those works that push you more to do something of your own than being a listener or viewer or anything. If I had to compare this work to that of other artists, the name of Kaffe Matthews should be mentioned. (Random e-zine)

FR Vendredi dernier on avait du Theremin sous la pluie, cette semaine on a une Water tape. Je deviens prévisible, c’est inquiétant. Encore un disque à classer dans la grande série ‘simple mais efficace’ (quoique, si c’était aussi simple, ça se saurait….).
ENG Last friday we had some Theremin in the rain, this week it’s a Water tape. How predictable, I know…

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