Joda Clément – Movement + Rest (Alluvial, 2005)

Joda Clément
Movement + Rest

CD Alluvial Recordings A20 (USA, 2005)

01. Sacré-Coeur
02. The Invisibles
03. Song of Threes
04. Heliotaxis
05. Spirit Follower
06. The Ballad of Sleep

Field Recording : Toronto & Montreal, Canada – Guadalajara, Mexico – Paris, France
‘Heliotaxis’ features a public domain recording of an early morning in Kabul, Afghanistan

Movement + Rest is the result of two years work listening, collecting and arranging sound. My recordings attempt to blur the distinction between electronic, acoustic and ambient sources. Analog or acoustic instruments are used because of the direct physical process with which they generate sound. I take field recordings from sounds that habitually go unnoticed in the daily environment (airplanes overhead, trains passing in the night, the broken radiator at the end of the hall, falling snow), as well as those which are less accessible for hearing (the abandoned subway tunnels of Toronto, a muffled cab ride through Guadalajara, contact mics on Jacques Cartier Bridge, etc.). I combine nondescript omnipresent noises that surround us with instrumental and vocal recordings to create a landscape of sounds that unites the properties of both musical and everyday contexts. (Joda Clément)

Somehow Alluvial knows where to find young and exciting and above all serious composers. Joda Clément (1981, Canada) started out when he was fourteen and ever since he has been working with sound. On this CD he works with instruments (Harmonium, Korg MS-20, PS-3200 & Polysix Synthesizers) as-well as field recordings. Everything goes into the computer and is melted together in a very good, but, I must admit, also a very traditional drone fashion. Things move unearthly deep in the low end, and on top, occasionally, there is something of a melody humming, such as in ‘Song Of Threes’ or traces of a small rhythm in ‘Heliotaxis’. That makes the music of Clément only slightly different from that of Monos, Ora or Mirror (and such like), but it also means he has thought about where to put the icing on the cake. Next to Keith Berry another promising new name in the world of drone music. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

The Montreal based composer Joda Clément works in a mode familiar to contemporary ambient, minimalist,and drone based artists, as he seeks to bridge natural and synthetic sounds through an atomodpheric wash of blurred details. Within his debut album Movement + Rest, Clément buries field recordings of broken radiators, trains passing in the night and snow falling within a murky grey soundfield built from reverb and the sustained vibrations from a couple of synthesizers. While reverb is often employeed to give the illusion of space within a recording, Clément effectively flattens each and every one of his sounds into a monochromatic smear. Ghostly fragments of a melody, a rainstorm, or a vocal chorale occasionally emerge only to drift back once more into the shadows. While artists such as Jonathan Coleclough and Thomas Koner have succeeded in their mediated marriage of natural and synthetic sounds, Movement + Rest is a tentative first step that with time might develop into something transcendent. (Jim Haynes, The Wire)

Avec le nom du label, le titre des compositions et la liste des sources utilisées, on peut déjà se faire une idée assez précise de ce qui nous attend ici. Zéro effet de surprise donc, mais contrairement à certains films reposant uniquement sur leur twist (non, je ne pensais même pas à Shyamalan), cet exercice poétique sera heureusement loin d’être épuisé dès la première écoute.

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