Matt Shoemaker – Forking Path Navigator (Oblast, 2005)

Matt Shoemaker
Forking Path Navigator

CDr Oblast OBL-002 (USA, 10-2005)

01. Forking Path Navigator

Work described as « rich transcendence and hallucinatory isolationism. »
Devices employed: microphones and assorted transducers, digital and analogue recorders, signal processors, computer, various electronic and acoustic instruments.
(from Matt Shoemaker’s website)

It has been almost four years since Seattle’s Matt Shoemaker released Warung Elusion for Trente Oiseaux, and during the intervening years, he has honed his already impressive electroacoustic compositional skills. Forking Path Navigator is structured around a swarming mass of sound that slowly builds out of a whisper and snaps abruptly at it’s 40 minute conclusion. From afar, the album appears as a monochromatic avalanche; but on closer inspection, Shoemaker produces a dynamic Kaleidoscope within these tumbling snowdrifts of gray tonalities. He mingles the heavy filtered field recordings and glassine feedback systems, steadily moving from a vertiginous weightlessness to a boiling crucible of seething hiss. Throughout the album, he introduces a subtle rhythmic plod, which he disguises in various forms of a metallic klang, a bowed piece of metal, the crash of surf, and a distant promethean thud. Thanks to these variable structures and to his attention to detail to detail, Shoemaker has crafted a spectral album of bewildering psychogeography. (Jim Haynes, The Wire)

FR Alors oui, ça ressemble à des drones post-industriels aux sources mystérieuses. Alors oui, la fin est abrupte. Alors oui, Francisco Lopez avait beaucoup aimé le premier album de Matt Shoemaker sur Trente Oiseaux. Alors oui, Matt Shoemaker est allé faire ses classes parmi d’autre en Amazonie avec Francisco Lopez. Mais alors non, Matt Shoemaker n’est pas qu’un simple disciple de Francisco Lopez, du tout. Sa démarche est tout aussi hallucinatoire, mais nettement moins provocatrice ou systématique.
ENG Often compared to Francisco Lopez, Matt Shoemaker’s works are quite different indeed, less provocative or systematic and truly hallucinatory. Several releases on Trente Oiseaux, The Helen Scarsdale Agency, Ferns or Elevator Bath, all of them recommended.

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