Steve Peters – In Memory of the Four Winds (Pianissimo, 2000)

Steve Peters
In Memory of the Four Winds

CD Pianíssimo ppp 01 (USA, 2000)

01. In Memory of the Four Winds

Sound sources are field recordings (insects, wind, water, birds), violin, voice, suling gambuh (large Balinese bamboo flute), natural objects (stones, pine needles, tree branches), electronics (feedback and processing).
Composed for « Flight Path », a dance performance by Kagami Butoh choreographed by Doranne Crable.
Dedicated to Jerry Hunt & Joris Ivens.

Steve Peters is head honcho of the Nonsequitur label (and all their divisions, including Pianissimo), but finds time to work on his own music. His beautiful disc Emanations was released some time ago on OO Discs and was an installation with feedback sounds. This new CD is music for ‘Flight Path’, a dance/theater work by Doranne Crable. Unlike Emanations, which was mainly an electrical work, this one includes natural sounds, such birds, insects, pine needles in combination with voice, feedback and violin. Even when indexed as one track, this has distinct parts. There are pure nature parts, in which the voices of the animals merge together and there are parts that contain pure musical instruments. Plus between these parameters everything else. The textures are minimal, slow movements but at the same time beautiful. Hard to believe no samplers were used, but maybe some repitition is part of nature, who knows. Wind, obviously with a title like this, plays an important role. This CD is dedicated to composer Jerry Hunt and filmmaker Joris Ivens who made a film about the wind (and who came from the same city as I am, but do you care about that?). A very tranquil CD with lots of events happening. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

Throughout a single piece of fifty-eight minutes, we witness a slow, hypnotic process of transformations of sounds. Far from any common region of the musical universe, this work is a desert island, an island open to the most radical, arcane forms of experimentation. Fragments of sounds of difficult identification, yet possessing a texture that seems to be electronic, they appear and disappear, like noises in the night, creating an irreal atmosphere, oniric, as if it were shapeless music dreamed while one is asleep. (Dominique Chevant, Amazing Sounds)

FR Un disque doux tout doux pour vous remettre de la manif’. Vous pouvez en écouter une version éditée/condensée ici, même si j’ai du mal à saisir la nécessité d’une telle version courte.
ENG Quiet music again…. You can also listen to an edited/condensed version here.

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