Dougie Bowne – One Way Elevator (DIW, 1998)

Dougie Bowne
One Way Elevator

CD DIW Records DIW-920 (Japan, 05-1998)

01. My Park your Park
02. One Way Elevator
03. Transvestite
04. Mortming
05. Fat Lip
06. Disallusioned
07. Hammock
08. I Saw the Whole Thing
09. Haunted
10. Cecil’s Birthday
11. Chance Meeting
12. I Stumbled
13. Hymn

Dougie Bowne, drums
John Medeski, piano
Fred Hopkins, bass

All compositions by Dougie Bowne, except #3, #7, #10 by Bowne/HopkinsMedeski
Produced by Craig Street & Dougie Bowne
Co-produced by John Zorn & Kazunori Sugiyama
Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC in 1994

I’ll update this later- but for now- I’m a musician/composer/producer. I’ve worked with a ton of people you might know, among them- Iggy pop, John Cale, Chris Whitley, Marrianne Faithfull, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jack Bruce, Brian Eno, Arto Lindsay, Casandra Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Marissa Monte, Caetano Velosa, Tom Verlaine, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Cibo Matto, I was a member of the Lounge Lizards for much of my adult life… blah blah… too many others to think of right now. By the way, when I say worked with, I mean worked with, not been in the same room with once….Currently, I produce records mostly, although I’ve resumed playing live somewhat, with a band called Doveman, a wonderful group, led by Thomas Bartlett- the new record is beautiful, and the shows are quite special. Thomas has been instrumental, I might say unrelenting, in getting me to play drums again, for which I’ll always be thankful. I work with a singer named Haale, we write together, and I perform live with her now, lately as guitar guy, which I’m really enjoying… The gigs have been great recently, rocking hard. Anyway, I figured I’d get onboard here- I’ll put up things I’m working on, home done things, works in progress, stuff that would most likely never see the light of day. Hope someone likes it. Oh, about the pieces- Pianistic Guitarand Noix Guitar, emerged from my use of the guitar, or rather abuse of the six stringed beast, using some fairly extreme extended tunings, with various instruments added, but the main thrust is the use of the guitar as a starting point for writing- for me, it’s a kind of reactive composition, stemming from, and based on the tunings or sounds coaxed out of the instrument. Pianistic resulted form a bizarre tuning, and use of a wall of reverb, I think it reminds me of some prepared piano pieces… Noix- well, it’s noises that came from an accidental tuning, also I’ve been using radios and tape players played through the pickup of the guitar for some time now- put some string arrangement around the basic take- not sure about the string parts yet, but all these pieces are in the works, so… I’m persuing the guitar compositions, hopefully for a record later this year…I’ll put more of them up soon. Carla Tampered is electronic based, it’s the wonderful Carla Kihltedt on violin, a track I manipulated very much, it was originally a solo on a pop record I produced…Tea is another electronic type thing, liked the sounds generated it resulted from just following the sonics. Working on a kind of ambient record, stumbled into a, (I think), distinct sonic realm fuking around with Live, Kenji (Shimoda, my partner) and I had the idea of having different singers on the tracks- no beats, nothing like that, so I think it’ll be slightly unique. Also will finally ne making The Drunken Animals record, written by myself and Alan Rand, a brilliant writer of words and amazing musician. (Dougie Bowne)

Il faut une dizaine de minutes à un internaute moyen pour balayer les flux de ses 200 blogs favoris. En moins d’une seconde, il a déja décidé si un disque l’intéresse (un nom, un titre, une pochette ou un mot qui accroche son regard), et il lui suffit d’une petite seconde supplémentaire pour vérifier chez quel hébergeur se trouve le fichier en question. Donc ici les mots clés sont Dougie Bowne, Lounge Lizards, DIW, Megaupload. Ajouter que le garçon étant batteur son instrument est placé au coeur de la prise de son serait superflu : en une seconde on n’a pas le temps de tout lire.
(Remarquez que je ne me plains pas, je fais pareil…)

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