Anton LaVey – Satan Takes a Holiday (Amarillo, 1995)

Anton LaVey
Satan Takes a Holiday

CD Amarillo Records ACM-594 (USA, 1995)

01. Satan Takes a Holiday (Instrumental)
02. Answer Me
03. The Whirling Dervish
04. Chloe
05. Thine Alone
06. Golden Earrings
07. The More I See You
08. Band Organ Medley
09. Hello Central, Give Me No Man’s Land
10. Blue Prelude
11. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
12. Honolulu Baby
13. The Mooche
14. Here Lies Love
15. Dixie
16. If You Were the Only Girl
17. Satan Takes a Holiday (Vocal)
18. Satanis Theme

Who knew that the most notorious living Satanist was also a recording artist? Indeed he is, releasing at least two known records: Satan Takes A Holiday and The Satanic Mass. Anton LaVey was born on April 11, 1930, and is of Georgian and Alsatian ancestry. Musically, he was a child prodigy, learning to play the violin, drums, trombone, oboe, piano, organ, and the calliope (beginning at the young age of 5). When he turned 16, Anton found a job playing oboe with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, and eventually went on to become the city’s official organist for all civic functions. Besides his musical jobs, he also worked as a cage boy, lion trainer, mitt camp worker, police photographer, criminologist, artist, clinical hypnotist, and psychological researcher. He later declared Satanism as his religion, becoming the head of the Church of Satan. As evidenced on talk shows, LaVey doesn’t fit the stereotype of Satan worshippers — he’s not a hyper, insane, drug-crazed lunatic, but a calm and smart man, who says that he conceived Satanism as a system based on rational self-interest. In the liner notes of his Satan Takes a Holiday CD, it says that LaVey « applies his kaleidoscopic vision to conjure forth occult musical treasures, sending them out into the ethers, to haunt and delight us. » And like any good horror movie, LaVey and his music do indeed haunt and, for some, delight.
Before listening to this album, one must cast aside all preconceptions of Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan. The majority of the compositions on Satan Takes a Holiday are LaVey’s favorites by others (all obscurities), from as far back as the 19th century. Anton plays all of the songs himself on keyboards and computer, and the results are quite surprising. The album isn’t dead serious either; many of the numbers have a lighthearted feel, which helps the album overall. A wide variety of musical styles are present, such as marches, merry-go-round music, and organ pieces. The jolly organ of the opening title track has a mysterious feel, while the German love song « Answer Me » contains an English spoken-word vocal courtesy of LaVey himself, with other vocalists pitching in as well throughout the album. Also present is the sultry Duke Ellington/Irving Mills composition « Variations on the Mooche, » which the liner notes say has been used by exotic dancers as a showstopper for years. And possibly the eeriest track, « Blue Prelude, » begins with a bell chiming and soon tells the tale of a woman wanting to commit suicide. Satan Takes a Holiday is indeed spooky at times, but can create a comforting feeling as well.
(Greg Prato, All Music Guide)

FR Le bonhomme aurait (soit-disant) eu une aventure avec Marilyn Monroe, on peut également le voir dans le Invocation of my Demon Brother de Kenneth Anger. Petit disque très amusant, à écouter en mangeant des bonbons puisque c’est Halloween.
ENG Halloween post, funny spooky music. And of course once again on the almighty Amarillo Records.

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