I Am Seamonster – Nebulum | Constellatrix (Basses Frequences, 2008)

I Am Seamonster
Nebulum | Constellatrix

CDr Basses Frequences BF5 (France, 05-2008)

01. Nebulum
02. Constellatrix

Recorded 2007 & 2008 at the Medina House

Another amazing release from Basses Frequences (and no, that’s not a typo), a new-ish (mostly) cd-r label from France, whose gorgeous sounds and lovingly packaged super limited releases have definitely been hitting the spot lately. They’re up to 6 or 7 releases by now, we listed the Tamagawa a few lists back, and elsewhere on this list you’ll find a new release from Aidan Baker, and the latest from Irish drone outfit Wereju.
But here, we have the debut (as far as we know) from the curiously (and cooly) named I Am Seamonster, and we knew we were were in for something special, after only a few seconds of « Nebulum ». It’s definitely drone music, but this is not cavernous doomy low end rumbles, or delicate high end shimmer (although we do love both), no, this is something much more akin to Fennesz or Tim Hecker or Philip Jeck. Washed out and gauzy, blurred and ethereal. It’s like someone removed a 2 or 3 second chunk from a perfect pop song, and stretched it out to 500 times that, simple melodies pulled apart into indistinct streaks, notes and chords transformed into deep glowing slow burning drones. Or perhaps imagine taking some shimmery bit of pop and examining it under a microscope, glimpsing past all the surface stuff and examining the mysterious world within, the textures revealed offer up a whole new world of sound, all the various microscopic parts, music at the atomic level, a blurred soundscape of massive slow moving shapes, of slowly shifting textures, the sound all grainy and blurred, you can almost imagine this as the first shot in the musical version of that film when the camera pulls back from the inside of the molecule all the way back to the furthest reaches of the universe. Who knows what sort of song, or what kind of music might be revealed if we pulled back from the soft, intimate dreamlike sounds of I Am Seamonster, but it hardly matters, because if anything, we actually want to get closer, to go deeper, to shrink ourselves down and lose ourselves in I Am Seamonster’s mysterious microscopic soundworld…
(Aquarius Records)

FR Dans un registre aussi encombré que le drone, on arrive encore à se prendre des claques. Ici, on plonge dans un océan pour se réveiller au milieu d’une tache solaire.
ENG Massive and magnificient drone from Basses Frequences. Play loud and dive.

Visit I Am Seamonster or Basses Frequences

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Un commentaire pour I Am Seamonster – Nebulum | Constellatrix (Basses Frequences, 2008)

  1. docteurorlof dit :


    Fordell Research Unit’s Repetition (another sold-out CD from Basses Frequences) was posted here last summer: http://www.multiupload.com/RJ85N26Q20
    (explore the archives for details)

    Et ces temps-ci c’est les soldes chez Basses Frequences…
    And these days there’s a massive sale at Basses Frequences…

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