D.Friedman / A.Cox / J.L.Matinier – Other Worlds (Intuition, 1997)

David Friedman & Anthony Cox & Jean-Louis Matinier
Other Worlds

CD Intuition Music INT 3210 2 (Germany, 1997)

01. New Los Them (Friedman)
02. Gold/Alchemy (Cox)
03. Triptych (Friedman)
04. Vorstellung (Matinier)
05. Carolyn V. (Cox)
06. Fleure de l’Eau (Verly)
07. Le Chat (Matinier)
08. O Grande Amor (Jobim)
09. Czar (Cox)
10. Tango (Cox, Friedman, Matinier)
11. From the Distance (Friedman)

David Friedman – marimba, vibraphone and percussion
Anthony Cox – accoustic and electric bass
Jean-Louis Matinier – accordion
Guest : François Verly – percussion

Recorded at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany

This record is about total communication, and warmth, reflected in a group sound you can taste. During the sessions I had the constant feeling that the music was playing itself. (David Friedman)

The man at the marimbaphone goes wild. The trio Friedman, Cox, Matinier prove themselves through a synthesis of jazz and influences of mainly Latin American and Francophone melodies. The three exceptional musicians build their bridges between the musical worlds, thus outlining a hardly developed area in which they move with fluid elegance. In a masterly manner, they play with musical quotations, picturesquely developed moments and their breathtaking ability of improvisation.
David Friedman, vibraphonist and marimbaphonist, has worked with Leonard Bernstein, Bobby McFerrin, Wayne Shorter, Yoko Ono, and many others.
Anthony Cox, acoustic and electric bassist, has contributed his share to many productions during his career, such as those of Stan Getz, John Scofield, and many others.
As an accordionist, Jean Louis Matinier has meanwhile matured into one of the most important representatives of the instrument in Europe. He is a member of the ‘Orchestre National de Jazz’ and the group ‘Bucher des Silences’, and also has engagements with the ensembles of Michael Riessler and Renaud Garcia-Fons.
(Sound Library)

En voilà un qui porte bien son titre. Dans le même morceau, on peut basculer d’un continent à un autre en une mesure, comme si de rien n’était (ou comme dans un rêve).

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