CoH – Mort aux Vaches (Staalplaat, 2002)

Mort Aux Vaches

CD Mort Aux Vaches / Staalplaat (Netherlands, 09-2002)

01. Untitled

Recorded live at VPRO studio on 15/07/2000
Broadcasted by VPRO Radio 5 « De Avonden »

Coh is a man who wants to let music speak for itself and prefers to have as little as posisble known about himself. Coh (meaning sleep in Russian, and not ‘Sun’ as someone once put out wrongly in an interview) is one Ivan Pavlov, who appeared on the front of music with a stunning release for Carsten Nicolai’s Raster Noton in 1998. Since then he has released many more works on that label, including a work in the (O)Acis box, which had works by the other three members of Raster collective. His work with the two members of Coil resulted in a CDEP for Eskaton, Coil’s own label. Forthcoming releases will appear on Mego and Idea Records.
The recordings present on this CD were made in 1999 and were part of a small tour in The Netherlands, which brought him to play in Paradiso (Amsterdam) at an evening with Project DARK and Mum. The first band was also present in the studio, when Coh recorded his set there and, together with the regular VPRO staff, they were the only audience present. The recordings on this CD was his set that he prepared for his Paradiso concert. Coh’s music is all derived from his laptop, but unlike many others, he’s one of the very few to produce glitch music that is warm, atmospheric and almost lyrical.

Pas mon CD préféré d’Ivan Pavlov, pas non plus le meilleur Mort aux Vaches à mon avis, mais ça reste un disque de CoH, donc intrigant, pertinent, et avec un sens de l’humour certain (quoique parfois bien caché).

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