Mapstation – Mapstation (Soul Static Sound, 2000)


CD Soul Static Sound soul25cd (UK, 01-2000)

aa. Frankel
ab. Espoo
ba. Tiksi
bb. Elements
bc. Marden

All tracks Stefan Schneider
Recorded and mixed at Bleibeil, Berlin, October 1999

In 1999 Stefan Schneider discovered the possibilities offered by the arpeggiator mode of his analogue synthesizer, directing patterns of random notes to the oscillators to create unpredictable pulses, distortions, superb disorder.
To approximate the spontaneity and chaos of real life, Schneider decided to take a step back as composer and let the machine make most of the musical decisions.
Soon, the resulting simple basslines began to seep into Stefan’s occasional DJ sets – at the time mostly a blend of electronic sounds (1950’s – Detroit techno) and a capella versions of reggae 12″ singles – and finally turned into a complete live set.
In early 2000 the owner of notable London-based label Soul Static Sound, Darryl Moore (D), asked Stefan to record a self-titled mini album, which was released a few months later during a UK tour with Vladislav Delay. On the strength of this recording Stefan was approached by minimalist electronics label Staubgold, who later relocated from Cologne to the German capital of Berlin, and their fertile partnership lead to three consecutive albums between 2001 and 2003.

Soul Static Sound starts the new year with a concise and direct release, which exemplifies a minimalist approach to both making and listening to music. Mapstation is Stefan Schneider’s first solo recording, a mini album which draws on his experience as a member of To Rococo Rot combined with the melodic and moody sensibilities inherent in the musical heritage of his native Dusseldorf. Working on the shapes of sound whilst avoiding the limitations of formalism allows the rhythms and textures to express themselves to the listener as a process of subtly changing relationships. Evocative electronics through clarity and constraint. File next to good German minimal techno/electronica labels such as Din, Chain Reaction, Basic Channel, Kompakt, etc. (Soul Static Sound)

FR Premier effort solo de Stefan Schneider (petit, l’effort, c’est un mini-album), croisé auparavant chez Kreidler ou To Rococo Rot, qui nous conduit vers une musique à la Basic Channel, direction que ce blog emprunte curieusement seulement pour la première fois.
ENG First mini-album from this ex-Kreidler and To Rococo Rot member. And indeed, this sounds like an abstract Kreidler, or a refined To Rococo Rot (if you remember this excellent band). Not bad, not bad at all.

Visit Mapstation or Soul Static Sound

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