Nicholas Szczepanik – To the Moon & Back Again (Ruralfaune, 2008)

Nicholas Szczepanik
To the Moon & Back Again

CDr3′ Ruralfaune rur049 (France, 2008)

01. To the Moon & Back Again

Recorded in early 2008, edition of 55 copies

From the family photos that adorn this release, to the heartwarming maternal dedication, “To the Moon and Back Again” feels like an extremely personal release for D.C.-area sound artist Nicholas Szczepanik. Composed of a single extended track, this beautiful 3” CD-R on the Ruralfaune label captures a diaphonous – almost dreamtime – feeling and displays it readily for all to see. Beginning with a gauzy static that morphs seamlessly into a subdued throbbing loop, the alluring nature of Szczepanik’s sound takes hold almost immediately. What might be a guitar, but could easily be some lingering otherworldly spirit, casts radiant pulses into the sonic tapestry being carefully woven. Far too quickly, the gossamer tones cease to exist. “To the Moon and Back Again” is a sixteen-and-a-half minute meditation, a hallucinatory gateway to the world in which Nicholas Szczepanik resides. (Bryon Hayes, Foxy Digitalis)

FR Un des mini-CDs de Nicholas Szczepanik s’essayant au drone d’inspiration familiale (la pièce est dédicacée à sa mère). Je vous proposerai peut-être les autres (sortis sur Small Doses et Basses Frequences), histoire que vous puissiez compiler tout ça ensemble sur un même disque. Chaudement recommandé, et j’insiste sur le mot chaudement.
ENG Part of Nicholas Szczepanik’s Nearest serie (other volumes can be found on Small Doses and Bases Frequences – I hope one day they will all be reissued/compiled). Pure ambient drone.

Visit Nicholas Szczepanik (and here) or Ruralfaune

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3 commentaires pour Nicholas Szczepanik – To the Moon & Back Again (Ruralfaune, 2008)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    (more from Ruralfaune in the archives, follow the tags…)

  2. Dave M dit :

    As you may know, there’s a music blog called « Never Enough Rhodes, » on which each post features that wonderful instrument. If I had a (music) blog, I think it might be called « Never Enough Drone. » Thank you for this one!

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