Daniel Patrick Quinn – Jura (Suilven, 2003)

Daniel Patrick Quinn

CDr Suilven Recordings SUILVEN002 (UK, 06-2003)

01. Jura

Instruments: synth, trumpet, church bell sample.
Inspired by my expectations of the Scottish island of the same name.
Best listened at low volumes so it blends into the walls and mixes with extraneous noises.
(Daniel Patrick Quinn)

Suilven Recordings from Scotland seems to relish longform works that are either very minimal, very slow to develop, or both. This particular release is a 61-minute track consisting of synth, trumpet, and church bell sample, combining to make a very hypnotic piece of music. The drone reminds me a lot of Jliat, who composes single tone poems that seem to swirl in a circular pattern as the brain wraps around them, causing the listener to imagine various colors in the music that may or may not be there. The extra sounds that come in sparsely around the main drone add interesting textures. Presumably the trumpet is the source of the drone though I can’t be certain. Light tinkling notes that arrive and depart may be the synth or the church bells, though I suspect the bells are a slightly discordant note that comes in now and again. It is clear that samples are manipulated at will, and skillfully so, such that the end product is a unique sound creation. Though this music likely appeals to the intellectual musical elite, there is plenty for ambient and particularly drone fans to appreciate as well. (Electroambient Space)

We had a CD by Daniel Quinn in a while back that took my fancy. Here’s his new one. It’s rural folky music that at times is extraordinarily moving. Its constructed using synth and cello which sounds like an odd combination but it works well. The only comparison I can think of is Richard Youngs but the songs have a cyclical song structure with hints of Phillip Glass in some of the playing. The second song has some lovely trumpets and is not too far removed from some of Bark Psychosis’s more abstract stuff. Not everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure but if you’re after a soundtrack for a hike up The Old Man of Coniston in the driving rain then you’ve come to the right place. (Norman Records)

Listening to Jura is very much like getting a brain massage from velvet-coated and slightly chilly fingers–it is at once relaxing and scintillating. Built atop a ululating drone that seems to know exactly what your backbrain needs to hear to make it completely relax, Jura is an exercise in minimalism punctuated with moments of straightforward melody. (Hypnagogue)

FR Non pas la montagne mais une île écossaise. On fera difficilement plus contemplatif.
ENG An hour-long drone piece inspired by the scottish island of the same name. Think Richard Youngs or Brian Eno. No need to say ‘highly recommanded’, you already know how much I love this label.

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Un commentaire pour Daniel Patrick Quinn – Jura (Suilven, 2003)

  1. docteurorlof dit :


    More and more from this excellent label:
    DAC Crowell / Kurt Doles Rain Temple Garden
    Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jameson Suilven007
    or http://www.mediafire.com/?nmmn0m2oedd
    DAC Crowell Harmundum
    DAC Crowell & Kurt Doles Mercury
    (follow the tags for more info…)

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