Ateleia – Swimming Against the Moments (Antiopic, 2004)

Swimming Against the Moments

CD Antiopic AN007 (USA, 2004)

01. On All Fours
02. Every Word Spoken Is a Word That Remains
03. Production and Poverty
04. Adaj
05. F.T.P.
06. Desero
07. To Sell the Ground from Unborn Feet Forever…
08. Tested by Habit, Strata and Brine

Recorded in Atlanta, GA, Lexington, KY and Brooklyn, NY, 2003-2004
Assembled at Full Faith and Credit, Brooklyn, NY, 2004

Structurally founded on conscious allusions to « pop », « ambient », « electronica », but imbued with a high degree of critical distance, Ateleia music destabilizes classic notions of form and process in pursuit of a unique idea of song. Subtle melodies emerge snakelike from deep within floods of shimmering multicolored static; densely layered strata of interference rupture into moments of tonal clarity, only to be subsumed into the next span of shifting sound. Incorporating source material from a host of collaborators, skewed and reconfigured into a framework of constantly changing and decisive movement, the debut album from Ateleia (James Elliott) reveals a developed sense of composition and pacing across a range of approaches and textures. All eight of these tracks focus on elements of structure—and the decay of structure—with both the formed and the formless vying for space. The resulting sound is dense, angular and hypnotic, like watching red thread slowly twitch in the pulse of the tide. (Antiopic)

Church-bell sonorities stretch impossibly, buzzing like distant hornets; insistent tones swarm like a Terry Riley mantra. Striking a middle ground between Fennesz and the austere minimalism of Dion Workman and Rosy Parlane, Elliott carves out a niche all his own. (Steve Smith, Time Out New York)

FR Encore un témoignage de l’influence du Endless Summer de Fennez…
ENG Laptop + guitars = more electronic music à la Endless Summer

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