True Colour of Blood – The Cave of Knowledge (Waterscape, 2008)

True Colour of Blood
The Cave of Knowledge

CDr3′ Waterscape WS04 (Germany, 02-2008)

01. The Cave of Knowledge

Eric Kesner is the man behind True Colour of Blood. He mad himself quiet a popular name in the drone genre. The Cave of Knowledge is a 22 min drone. Kestner perfectly combines dark ambient moments with minutes of pure clarity. Like most of the waterscape releases this is a pure blessing for headphone trips into a world of shimmering guitar drones and ambient soundscapes. (Waterscape)

Essentially, this 22 minute-long piece is the crystal-clear realisation of a single idea. Keisner plays a series of chords on his guitar, filtering them to arrive at a purified, smooth, warm and weightless cloud of wellspring water. Each chord is simply held for a stretch of time, with minor and major keys taking turns. Within the space of its duration, there is no development other than the natural inner movement of the drone, with its different frequencies pulsating at varying wave lengths.
Transitory moments are extremely hazy, which adds an element of tension to the otherwhise perfectly tranquil music: While one part of the mind is rocked to rest by the calmness of these pads, the other wants to observe gradual transformations as they happen, following the track through a series of hardly noticeable changes from harmony to slight unease and back again.
If it weren’t for this concept, the work might pass one by without leaving a lasting impression. As it is, it turns into an intruiging and psychoactive piece of music. Suddenly, there is so much to see and observe in the hidden rooms of its tranquil sound spaces, the imanent danger of them fading away again into their opposite emotion lending a sense of urgency to the track. In its own way, “The Cave of Knowledge” is a metaphor on memory and oblivion, on genesis and decay, on life and death.
(Tobias Fischer, Tokafi)

Chassez le naturel… et le drone revient au galop…

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  1. docteurorlof dit :

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    (follow the tags for details…)

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