Shinju Gumi – Dissecting a Ghost (Artefact, 1999)

Shinju Gumi
Dissecting a Ghost

CD Artefact ART 22 / 547531 2 (France, 1999)

01. Spyworm
02. Darkstar
03. Blindwhisper
04. Dust of Dawn
05. Ending Backward
06. Homesick
07. Hide and Seek
08. Fade to Black
09. Ghost World
10 . Beyond Hypothermia
11. Innerscar
12 . Lost Stalker

The SHINJU GUMI project begins in 1997 when a movie-freak decides to buy a sampler and an ATARI in order to create cinematographic atmospheres. Under the influence of Ennio Morricone, SHINJU GUMI’s compositions mix Delerue’s melancholy with DJ Shadow’s slow tempo and a touch of The Cure’s sadness.
The evocative power of these first soundtrack-oriented instrumental tracks seduces Artefact Records, a then-new Parisian label. After two previous singles in 1998, « Dissecting a Ghost », SHINJU GUMI’s first LP (arranged, mixed and produced by Arnaud Rebotini of ZEND AVESTA and BLACK STROBE fame) is released in 1999 and achieves both critical success and cult-status among downtempo lovers. A one-and-only set will follow for the opening of the 1st Aquaplaning Festival.
After a remix for the Jean-Louis Murat’s song « Jim », 2001 sees « Dissecting a Ghost » re-interpreted by electronica’s top artists such as Kid Loco, Tarwater, Solex, 7 Hurtz, Discipline and Calm (from Japan) on the « Remixing a Ghost » album. And DJ Cam, Carl Craig and DJ Spooky put SHINJU GUMI’s tracks on various compilations.
SHINJU GUMI is now finishing his 2nd album. More pop-oriented but still with a cinematographic touch, his new compositions are sung by Mélanie Pain (of Villeneuve/Nouvelle Vague fame) & Alice Lewis.

FR Musiques cinématographiques downtempo. C’est surtout co-produit par Arnaud Rebotini quelque temps avant qu’il ne sorte son grand Organique sous pseudo Zend Avesta, d’où une forte proximité dans les ambiances et les couleurs.
ENG Downtempo music, an abstract imaginary soundtrack co-produced with Zend Avesta (Arnaud Rebotini). His Myspace page says ‘sounds like melancholic rainy afternoons’, quite an accurate description.

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