Phantom Limb + Bison – Phantom Limb + Bison (Utech, 2006)

Phantom Limb + Bison
Phantom Limb + Bison

CDr Utech Records UR-047 (USA, 2006)

01. Get out! You Mental Horsepill!
02. Phantom Limb &, When Standing by Itself, Means and Bison

Jaime Fennelly – oscillators, bass drum, electronics
Chris Forsyth – guitar
Shawn Edward Hansen – EMS synth, the brothers zoto
Chris Heenan – contrabass clarinet

Recorded at Improvised & Otherwise Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 5-7-06 by Seth Misterka (track 1), Experimental Intermedia: A Festival With No Fancy Name, NY, NY, 3-13-05 (track 2).

Minimal, evocative low-level evacuation of space-time ala the lurkingest MEV sides, AMM, Space Machine et al from a group that features Jaime Fennelly on sine wave oscillators and electronics, Chris Forsyth (Psi et al) on guitar, Shawn Hansen on EMS synthi and radio feedback and Chris Heenan on reeds. Hand-assembled numbered edition of 200 copies. (Utech)

We first discovered Phantom Limb on the now out of print collaboration with Japanese guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama released on aRCHIVE a few months back. Phantom Limb aka one half of East Coast noisemakers PeeEssEye, brought to the table a cacophony of whirring organs and grinding guitars, a blown out expanse of buzzing drone and strange swirling guitar ambience. For this disc, Phantom Limb have teamed up with Bison, who as far as we can tell plays contrabass clarinet, and between the two ‘outfits’ manage to creep and crawl through two half hour slabs of far out drift and roar. the first track see’s and saw’s back and forth between, blissful tranquility, minimal synthesizer buzz, warm chordal whir and huge grinding slabs of angular low end scrape and squeal, spending more time in the soft than the loud, but the loud bits are extra loud to make up for it. The second track is one long drone, that works its way through various textures and timbres, it’s here that you can really discern the presence of a clarinet, but just barely, this is no free jazz skronk fest, instead, it’s a sort of Niblockish war of overtones, slabs of sound beating against one another as tones gradually shift and subtly interact. Dense and deep, layers continually being added and transformed, other layers constantly being peeled away revealing some other strange subtle sonic alchemy underneath. (Aquarius)

Des membres de Psi et leurs amis, donc : Jaime Fennelly (oscillateurs, percussion, électronique), Chris Forsyth (guitare), Shawn Edward Hansen (synthétiseur EMS) et Chris Heenan (clarinette basse). Deux plages enregistrées live, une jolie très jolie et embrumée musique minimale avec le drone de rigueur. (Metamkine)

FR Le bruit de fond là derrière, ça peut être un drone (ou un feedback puissant qui tient compagnie à la clarinette), en tout cas ça a du souffle. Et comme tout ce qui sort chez Utech, selon le volume ça fera vibrer au choix les membranes ou les murs.
ENG Drone? Noise? Buzzing drone? This one is sold out from Utech, try Volcanic Tongue, Mimaroglu or Aquarius.

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8 commentaires pour Phantom Limb + Bison – Phantom Limb + Bison (Utech, 2006)

  1. red lipstick dit :

    Thank you for this docteurorlof. Do you ever visit Akteon’s shoutbox?

    • docteurorlof dit :

      I used to visit Akteon’s blog , but you’re right, these days Akteon’s shoutbox is more active (I know some of my uploads appear in this shoutbox, not always a good idea but as long as people enjoy the music I guess that’s ok).
      Akteon, the Cookshop, I’ll Read You a Story, Continuo, Mutant Sounds, No Longer Forgotten Music, Holy Warbles and many other blogs, the World Wide Web isn’t such a big world after all, in the end we all visit the same places.

  2. red lipstick dit :

    is there any chance you can upload this again?

  3. docteurorlof dit :

    Re-up? DF link is still working, Megaupload link SHOULD be working too.
    Try again in a few hours/days (Sunday’s not a good day for downloads anyway).

  4. red lipstick dit :

    The multiupload link goes to a rapidshare file only which is 0.00 kb. That where my computer goes when I click on the link. I see no megaupload or deposit files. Am I clicking on the wrong link?? Let me know and I’ll try again. Thanks much for your quick reply…and since we’re talking do u know what the difference is between the evolving ear release to the Utech release. I love the Utech release (which you are the only site that I know that offers it….all the rest are the evolving ear release) and I think there’s something different with the evolving ear one. Does that make sense? Don’t mind me i’m in my manic stage presently.

  5. goinsomewhere dit :

    Oh help me, please docteur orlof I’m a damaged…There’s a pain where there once was a heart .
    you know the rest.. I thank you dearly, the megaupload link worked like a charm. Sometimes my computer just doesn’t want to do what I want it to.
    I don’t know why somebody would put out two different lps and name them the same but if you look at the length of time for each they are different. I remember loving the Utech release you turned me onto and then recently listening to the evolving ear one and thinking…what the f—? well i’m about to listen to the utech release thanks to you. Have a great day…if you were my counselor i would tell you what a piece of crap day I’ve had so far but you’re not so I won’t.

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