Cédric Pigot – ^ (Stichting Mixer, 2001)

Cédric Pigot

CD3′ Stichting Mixer mxmcd1 (Netherlands, 2001)

01. ˆ

Cedric Pigot is a French sound-artist, responsible for a wide range of soundtracks for performance and film, as well as some installation-art. His work shows a very dense stream of sound in which tiny but detailed happenings and transitions occur. You could call his work rhythmical because of the use of repetitive elements like short pulses and loops, popping up and indexing the well-filled soup of noises. You could also call his work ambient because of the many sustained soundlayers, keeping things together and adding some ease to the whole but also flattening out ground for new developments. This contradiction which doesn’t sound like one, brings sharpness and dynamics to this very strong atmospheric piece. (Stichting Mixer)

Cedric Pigot from France is an installation/sound artist who is reponsible for soundtracks for performances, films and installations. I am not sure if there are any other releases by him, but this is my first encounter. For reasons also unknown to me, there is only track on the CD, but it sounds like various pieces to me. Pigot seems to put emphasis on small sounds. Short pieces of layered drones and interrupted by crackles and rhythms. However Pigot stays far away from a 4/4 click ‘n cut beat and brings his own sound. Although at times sketchy in approach, this is a very nice piece. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

That Pigot is a sound-installation artist comes as no surprise after listening to this 20 minute slice of curious soundscapes. Evolving over numerous « scenes » , the sound is taking on a microscopic journey through some thorney terrain, picking up scratches and stings along the way. Beginning with the rustiing of leaves, Pigot soon transports the listener to various environments – swamps in the dead of the night, traintunnels equipped with echo-chambers, somewhere directly under the streets. Strange places indeed. everything takes place at a quiet level, sustaining a similar feeling across the shift between areas. The music thus builds up a considerable degree of tension and intrigue that never really resolves itself. Relying on inference rather than direct statement, Pigot makes some novel sounds and is worth checking out. (John Gibson, Grooves)

Une seule pièce sur ce mini-CD, divisée en plusieurs parties : des variations se développent autour des mêmes éléments déclinés en autant de couches et de plans sonores. (Metamkine)

FR Quand vous cherchez un truc super rare, le réflexe c’est d’aller sur Soulseek. Je ne l’avais pas utilisé depuis des mois, et surprise: c’est désert, mort. Où est passé tout le monde? Où est la musique? Walter Bishop aurait-il envoyé tous les utilisateurs dans un univers alternatif?
ENG Haven’t been using Soulseek for months, but lately I was looking for something and… surprise… Soulseek is almost dead. What happened? Where is everyone? Where is the Music? Did Walternate took everybody in the alternate universe?

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  1. docteurorlof dit :

    (still available from Metamkine, super cheap price)

    More from Stiching Mixer in the archives:
    (follow the tags for details…)

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