Shelleyan Orphan – Helleborine (Rough Trade, 1987)

Shelleyan Orphan

CD Rough Trade ROUGH CD97 (UK, 1987)

01. Southern Bess (a Field Holler)
02. Anatomy of Love
03. Blue Black Grape
04. Jeremiah
05. Cavalry of Cloud
06. Midsummer Pearls and Plumes
07. Epitaph Ivy and Woe
08. Helleborine
09. One Hundred Hands
10. Seeking Bread and Heaven
11. Melody of Birth

So begins the story of Shelleyan Orphan. Their name, taken in homage to the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley is what brought Caroline Crawley and Jem Tayle together at first, forming the band in 1983 in Bournemouth. eventually signing to Rough Trade in 1985.
Combining their love of all musical genres the duo created an unusual blend of pop on their debut Helleborine, utilising a full range of classical instruments, including some obscure ones, like the Strumento da Porca and tamboura. Their influences were diverse as well, as anything from Joy Division to Sparks, Barry White and Delius ebbed and flowed through their ethereal and pulsating sound. Yet above all, Shellyan Orphan is a vocal band. This was illuminated with their next album, 1989s brilliant and critically acclaimed Century Flower, produced by Dave Allen (The Cure, Human League). Following the release, the band toured supporting The Cure throughout Europe and America gaining a wider fan base.
The third album, 1992’s Humroot once again found the duo implementing their love of musical combinations. It found its way to their fanbase and enabled them to continue playing for a few years. Caroline and Jem took a long break from the music industry working on solo projects, coming together occasionally but not as Shelleyan Orphan until now.

FR Quelqu’un demandait quelque part ce premier album de Shelleyan Orphan. J’avais mis des années avant de finalement trouver ce disque chez un soldeur (pas étonnant: personne ne l’avait acheté, et les rares heureux possesseurs gardaient précieusement leurs copies). La chose ayant été rééditée il y quelques mois chez One Little Indian, ça devrait être moins compliqué aujourd’hui (et jetez-vous aussi sur le merveilleux Century Flower au passage).
ENG Someone requested something somewhere… So here it is. No, I can’t be more cryptical (and no, the music couldn’t be more beautiful).

Visit Shelleyan Orphan (and read more about them)

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Un commentaire pour Shelleyan Orphan – Helleborine (Rough Trade, 1987)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    More from Shelleyan Orphan can be found somewhere.

    (oui, je suis assez sibyllin, mais avec tout ce qu’on entend à la télé à propos d’Internet je pense avoir raison d’être prudent…)

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