Christ – Blue Shift Emissions (Benbecula, 2007)

Blue Shift Emissions

CD Benbecula ben031cd (UK, 01-2007)

01. Substation
02. Happyfour Twenty
03. Making a Snow Angel
04. Ganky
05. Stained Century
06. Cordate
07. Holobenthic Grex Venalium
08. Blue Shifty Missions
09. Breathe Between Sleep
10. Vernor Vinge
11. Balaam

From an early age Christ. has been a musician. His supposed collaborations in his formative years at school and early 20s are well documented, suffice to say that at the current point in time, determining the original source of cross-pollinated styles is futile. Since his first solo release proper in 2002, he has proved to be as individual and creative as the next guy, forging a unique path of musical beauty that escapes derivation.
Can much more be said? What’s the point. Christ.’s expert layers of melody, broken beats and textures say pretty much everything, and along with his popularity as a formidable live act, he is a rare breed indeed. This bullet-point biography pretty much says it all.

New album from Christ that sees him taking his style into deeper territory, building tracks from Brian Eno like washes of sound, delicate, well-placed drums and edited details. This isn’t boundary breaking music, but it’s horizontalizing effect and subtle colour and depth make it a real pleasure on repeated listens. (Bleep)

Christ has to get some credit for the name alone, but it’s all about how everything sounds in the end, and on the one-man act’s second full album it sounds pretty good. The general sonic shift among solo electronic performers away from an endless series of Aphex Twin knockoffs to a more flowing, meditative sound in a new century can be heard here (even as song titles like « Happyfour Twenty » and « Holobenthic Grex Venalium » show there’s some ways to go yet). To Christ’s further credit, though, Blue Shift Emissions isn’t simply another electronic shoegaze album as such, hinting back a bit further to roots like Apollo-era Eno. Certainly the long, stretched-out drones that underpin nearly everything on the disc have a general relation to the gaze approach but they are more often used as core lengthy loops, while the crisp percussion steers away from aggro glitch in favor of tense, understated tension. « Ganky » is a sharp example, with the blend of the above elements further punctuated by soft tones and almost exploratory jazz hooks via keyboards. It’s not an original mix, but it is a very well-handled one, and the result is an 11-song album that seems to get better as it goes, the more so because the songs all aim for being distinct pieces rather than simply one constant progression into another. Further standouts include the stately « Cordate, » which could be a lost theme song from the heyday of Nova and Cosmos on PBS. Meantime, calling one song « Blue Shifty Missions » is almost a bit too precious, but naming another one after noted science fiction author Vernor Vinge is a sharp tip of the hat. (Ned Raggett, All Msuic Guide)

FR Par un ancien compagnon de route de qui-vous-savez, un album mélodique et chaleureux (ne venez pas me dire que c’est trop mélodique pour vous). Et cette fois ça sent vraiment la fin chez Benbecula, avec des soldes de Noël qui ressemblent furieusement à une liquidation totale des stocks.
ENG Warm and melodic (don’t tell me this is too melodic for you). And this time it’s really the end: ‘christmas special final sale ever’ at Benbecula (where postage is more expensive than the records).

Visit Christ or Benbecula

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