Jos Smolders – Habitat (and/OAR, 2005)

Jos Smolders

CDr and/OAR and/20 (USA, 2005)

01. Straat
02. Nacht 3:30 AM
03. Zondag
04. Nacht 3:38 AM
05. Beton
06. Nacht 3:56 AM
07. Arvika
08. Coda

and/OAR is very pleased to present a new work by Dutch sound artist Jos Smolders, who is also known as one of the founding members of THU20 (along with Roel Meelkop & Peter Duimelinks). This is Smolders’ first release in a long time to not use sounds exclusive to electronic sources.
Sound sources include field recordings from Sweden and Norway, combined with sounds from the street where Smolders resides. The result is an ionized mixture of organic progressions and soundscapes.
At times, this release displays energetic jolts of adrenaline tempered with intermittent moments of late night contemplative quiescence. Abstract and surreal Escher-like moments appear into distant view like a half remembered dream, and acoustic and electronic Moebius sound strips suddenly launch without warning.

It’s been a while since Jos Smolders has released a CD, but when he does it is spot on. This release from and/OAR fits the label perfectly well. All tracks are based on field recordings done in the past years. Smolders has not been known to work much with field recordings as such, let alone exclusively, so this is somewhat of a debut. Then again, after putting the disc in and hearing muffled sounds from the street it doesn’t take long for electronics to almost take over completely. I presume these electronic sounds are all based on the original recordings. The disc features 8 tracks, three of which seem to function as intermezzo’s (between tracks 1 & 3, 3 & 5, 5 & 7) and the last one as a sort of finale (it’s called coda). But since there are no real breaks between the tracks, it’s not something that is directly heard. Okay, so much for the layout, now to the content. This CD is surprisingly full and rich in colours, textures and dynamics. All tracks are constructed very carefully and display Smolders’ abilities to the maximum without a doubt. I have rarely heard such extreme make over of acoustic sound without it’s identity getting lost in that process. Smolders works around this problem all the time, juxtaposing the different material in such a way that one always somehow knows that these are essentially acoustic sounds. And that is very well done. Compositions are very well done as well, always ensuring a certain tension that keeps the listener activated. My conclusion is simple: this as a great CD! Jos Smolders still rules. (Roel Meelkop, Vital Weekly)

Promenade nocturne dans une ville imaginaire recomposée… Ce qui est bien, c’est que je n’ai besoin de présenter ni l’artiste ni le label.

Visit Jos Smolders or and/OAR

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2 commentaires pour Jos Smolders – Habitat (and/OAR, 2005)

  1. docteurorlof dit :

    More from and/OAR in the archives:
    Duul_Drv Fade with Consequence
    Stuart Dodman You Fill Me
    (follow the tags for details…)

  2. Dave M dit :

    Oh, il neige ici! Joyeux Noël a tous!

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