Yamaoka – Deadlock (Cathedral Transmissions, 2010)


CDr Cathedral Transmissions CT009 (UK, 11-2010)

01. Cloudy
02. Aki
03. Ramda
04. Test
05. Rainbow
06. Tsuki
07. Clime
08. Echoes
09. Pocket

Piano, effects and electronics from Japanese duo Yamaoka. (Cathedral Transmissions)

This latest release comes via semi-classical CDr label Cathedral Transmissions and sees Tokyo based Japanese duo Yoshinori Yamazaki and Kenichi Oka working under their Yamaoka project, presumably named in honour of the revered electronica composer Akira Yamaoka.
Deadlock comprises eight tracks and just under forty minutes of piano ambience which is dynamic in range and veers from evocative minimalist melodies to frenetic electronica. Indeed, opening number Cloudy begins slowly with a delicate and simple melody until the concluding moments of the track when it rises with ever busier piano work before reaching apex. The album then continues with Aki which begins in a similar vein to the preceding number until coming in with a beat laden cacophony of sound, melding jazz and electronica. Though perhaps a little jarring in the opening moments, the unexpected turn of the piece actually works very well.
As the album progresses yet further, Yoshinori Yamazaki and Kenichi Oka continue to perform their mix of keyboard and piano refrains while they occasionally throw the listener with unexpected beats, electronic notes and atypical rhythms. Deadlock’s latter tracks become more outwardly experimental and the ambient drone Tsuki especially is a departure from the sound built in previous tracks, hinting at another more minimalist side to the artists’ palette.
(Adam Williams, Futuresequence)

FR Signé Yamaoka (Kenichi Oka & Yoshinori Yamazaki, dont vous vous souvenez peut-être du Build on Water chez U-Cover), cet album est sorti sur Cathedral Transmissions il y a quelques semaines (jours?) à peine, et c’est déja épuisé. Immatérielle, la version FLAC est par contre toujours disponibe ici.
ENG David Newlyn used to run the micro-label October Man Recordings, and now he has a new one called Cathedral Transmissions. Once again a miniature cathedral, with CDrs released in very limited editions (from 6 to 40 copies). Yamaoka is the japanese duo of Kenichi Oka & Yoshinori Yamazaki, maybe you remember their album Build on Water on U-Cover a few years ago. The CD is sold out, but a FLAC version can be found here.

Visit Yamaoka or Cathedral Transmissions

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