Johan Asherton – God’s Clown (Accord, 1988)

Johan Asherton
God’s Clown

CD Accord101062 / Musidisc MU760 (France, 1988)

01. From Blenheim Crescent to Cheyne Walk
02. La Vie de Château
03. Look Like Death
04. God’s Clown
05. Phantom
06. Touch the Leper
07. A Gift from Above
08. Across the Corridors of Glass
09. Sally Was No Angel
10. I Love the Rain

The ghosts of Syd Barrett and Marc Bolan.
Listening to The Jacobites.
Of light, and rain, and a broken back.
The Phantom of the Opera, dancing with Nijinsky.

(Johan Asherton)

Singer/songwriter Johan Asherton has found an audience in his native France and as far away as Japan with his special brand of alternative pop and folk-rock. Born in Paris in 1958 to a family of classically trained musicians, he took up the violin and piano as a boy, and sang in his school choir — but he found inspiration in a different musical direction from the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, T. Rex, and Creedence Clearwater Revival during the late ’60s and early ’70s. He switched to the guitar, and was originally fixated on the electric instrument. During the first half of the ’80s, Asherton formed and led the Froggies, a French garage punk band. Asherton also passed through the lineup of the blues-based Belgian band Liquid Gang, participating on one album, entitled Showdown.
During the second half of the 1980s, however, his interests took an unexpected turn toward acoustic music. He became immersed in the sounds of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Nick Drake, at the same time moving toward a solo career that had him switching to acoustic guitar. Though he’d recorded his first single in 1981 (a project that first introduced him to producer Patrick Chavalot, who later worked with him on his album Under the Weather), it wasn’t until 1988 that he cut his first album, and by then he was thoroughly under the spell of American and British folk and folk-rock, idolizing such figures as Tim Buckley, Dave Van Ronk, and Townes Van Zandt, among many others. His first album, God’s Clown, was a retro-sounding folk record that was a commercial and critical success, and has come to be cited in recent years as an immensely important record on the French music scene.
(Bruce Eder, All Music Guide)

FR Premier album de Johan Asherton. D’autres plus beaux encore suivront (je pense en particuler à The Night Forlorn), mais vingt ans plus tard ça reste un classique. Définitvement incontournable.
ENG Johan Asherton’s first album, a classic. Twenty years later this is still a must have.

Visit Johan Asterton (or here)

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